Mass media is the Opposition Party.

I was listening to NPR talking about Davos over the past few days.   They made a point of telling us, with their distress clear in their voices, that President Trump received a warm reception there.  They said he was treated like a “rock star,” with contempt on their lips.  Of course, I think the President of the United States of America should be treated well wherever he goes no matter the circumstances.  I saw other journalists were similarly outraged that the American President was treated like an American President.

On the first day one of the economics masters of ceremonies observed that Trump has received shabby treatment by the media.  There was more outrage at that, but now I cannot find it in a search of Google News.

As near as I can tell, Trump did a great job by remarking that ‘”America First” does not mean “America alone.”‘

But actual reporting seems to have taken a back seat to editorializing about how awful Trump is.  If you did not catch it immediately after he said it, you are likely to hear only that the journalists did not like Trump’s speech.  It was “boring.”

They are our enemy.   They serve the Enemy.

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8 Responses to Davos

  1. MJBubba says:

    Most of the mass media made a point to say that a Swiss crowd booed President Trump for trashing the media over fake news.

    Do the Swiss get truthful reporting on American politics?

  2. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    >They made a point of telling us, with their distress clear in their voices, that President Trump received a warm reception there.

    Hey, at least they reported that Trump was a hit in Davos. The reason NPR is upset is that this “normalizes” Trump. The Resistance is losing every day and they can’t stand it. They’re reduced to marching around with pink hats yelling obscenities.

    Suck it up, buttercups.

  3. Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

    “They serve the Enemy.”

    We know who Beelzebub is…

    • MLHMLH says:

      I made the mistake of looking at some of the replies. This is a gem (and I think she makes a good point):

      STOP COMPARING LIBERALISM TO A MENTAL DISORDER. As someone who has a mental illness, it’s very harmful to us and implies that there is something wrong with mentally ill people! CUT IT OUT, I AM TIRED OF SEEING THIS SHIT.

  4. MJBubba says:

    Thanks, MLH.
    I agree with her. Leftists are not crazy, just very badly wrong. They aren’t incapable of following logical arguments; they just have a worldview that does not include any interest in actual results, but is focused obsessively on feelings and intentions.

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