Why I hate Normie Conservatism, example XXX

Once again, so called Establishment Conservatives prove that the only America they really care about is the one that lives in their heads, built in a model that prioritizes their ideology and mocks actual American citizens.

Today’s example: uber Neocon  and NR/Ricochet stalwart John Podhoretz is lecturing us about immigration, and doing so by attacking Stephen Miller.

Apparently, since Miller isn’t on the Open Borders train, he’s an apostate Jew, judging from the links Podhoretz gives to back up his attack.  Miller’s crime here, apparently, is that he demands that, among other things, we only take legal immigrants and that they should meet some minimum qualifications like speaking English. The Horror! And what links are those that JPod supplies for his attacks on Trump admin officials? Why, it’s from the liberal JTA, with a shaking-finger-at-you story about how America is a nation of immigrants. Open those borders, you heartless Yanks!

Conservatism failed because it conserved nothing. Worse, it actually became hostile to Americans… their people, language, traditions. It increasingly denies that there really is any such thing as an “American”, and that we’re all just economic units to be replaced with cheaper models by cosmopolitans that are really more “citizens of the world” than patriots of a country. In short, there’s nothing conservative about the conservative movement post-Reagan (and even HE bought into some really bad ideas). People like Podhoretz remind me nearly every day why I walked away from that whole scene. They hate you, Joe and Jane American. They really, really hate you. Unlike the Left, they just wont tell you that to your face.



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  1. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    This kind of thing happens all the time: if you don’t toe the leftist/globalist line, your Jewish card, your black card, or your woman card gets revoked. Shelby Steele mentioned this phenomenon in a recent podcast. Usually these attacks come from the Left but increasingly they are coming from the Podhoretzes of the world.

    Conservatism, Inc. may now have more in common with the Left that with the majority of citizens. I think this is because they belong to the political class, whose interests no longer align with the rest of Americans (if they ever did). The political divide may realign according to political class versus everyone else. Of course, the political class can appeal voters outside itself, much the same way Democrats retain the black and latino vote, and thus remain politically relevant. Heaven help them if these out-groups ever figure out they’re being taken for a ride. Perhaps the fun has already begun.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Vichy Conservatives, Do Nothings, Scribblers not worth a tinker’s dam.

    Not worth any consideration.

  3. Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

    I just don’t read these guys anymore. What’s the point? Wish they’d wither on the vine a little faster, though. Except for being a warmonger, I used to like JPod. No more.

  4. ctlaw says:

    JPod is more of an unter NeoCon than an uber.

    For many children of famous men and women, regression to the mean leaves them seeking cheap grace rather than actually living up to the example set.

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Dr. L is right. “Left” and “Right”, or “liberal” and “conservative” don’t seem to mean much anymore. Both sides represented by those labels are solidly against Trump. It’s like they like to lose.

    Whatever you may think of the man, he is managing to accomplish a great deal. I am reminded of the huge opposition Lincoln faced constantly, from both “sides” of the “aisle”.

    Interestingly most of the politicians are beginning to line up with Trump. The exceptions are the flakes – Flake, Graham, and McCain when he is there (time for the state governor to replace him I would think).

    • Robert A. McReynolds says:

      I would tread lightly on Lincoln comparisons. We certainly don’t want an authoritarian as President as J-Fraud and the rest of the NeoCons do.

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