Curmudgeon Musings on the Unfolding Scene…

Some musings on the unfolding civil war…

My read of Trump is he understands timing of his moves. He needs the tax cut and he needs the year end funding silliness to be done with before he can act and take a political risk.

It sure sounds like he has been building up some countermoves to Mueller and the ‘resistance’.  He also knows he has to set the stage for everyone’s Christmas season.

I expect a slow and small series of counter moves to keep the media off balance , to get past the Alabama election, to get the tax bill signed into law and to have a funded government followed by some significant moves against the deep state.  Leakers, sneakers and creepers, hold overs and left overs will be removed from play. The CIA moves will be quieter, the FBI moves will be visible, the DOJ and State ones will make the resistance scream.

View it as the Trump America Christmas Special, live from Mar a Lago, starring a whole list of names who have been naughty. Good thing we still have coal for them despite Obama’s best efforts.

Have some Hot Cofeve and smile. It could be the most wonderful time of the year…

My source of this amusement is the inestimable Sundance at CTH. Worth a read, if just for the document from the DOJ Inspector General.



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  1. JJJJ says:

    I always appreciate your viewpoint. Have you seen this?

  2. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    Nice synopsis of all the wins, TKC. There’s a race on to drain the swamp and get the tax bill to boost growth before the midterms. The other side is trying to run out the clock.

    If all goes well it will be a rout for the Left. If they succeed in stalling, it won’t be so nice.

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