Judge Roy Moore story fact checking

Breitbart finally picked up on stuff I have been hearing for more than a week on Christian talk radio:


A thorough search of court documents finds one court case in February 1979—a case that took place on February 21, 1979.  The [Washington] Post failed to tell readers that at that February 21, 1979, court case Wells voluntarily gave up custody of Corfman to Corfman’s father, Robert R. Corfman.  The two had been divorced since 1974.  The custody case was amicable and involved a joint petition by both parents.

The Post further did not tell readers that as a result of the joint petition to change custody, the court ordered the 14-year-old Corfman to move to her father’s house starting on March 4, 1979.  Court documents show the father’s address in Ohatchee, and not in Gadsden, where her mother lived and where Corfman says the meetings with Moore took place.

This would mean that from the court hearing on February 21, 1979, until Corfman was ordered to move to her father’s house, Moore would only have had 12 days, including the day of the court hearing, to have repeatedly called Corfman at her mother’s Gadsden house, arrange two meetings, and attempt another.

The Post strongly implied that the alleged encounter with Moore caused Corfman to exhibit reckless behavior in her teenage years.

The Post reported:

After talking to her friends, Corfman says, she began to feel that she had done something wrong and kept it a secret for years.

“I felt responsible,” she says. “I felt like I had done something bad. And it kind of set the course for me doing other things that were bad.”

She says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.

The Post failed to mention that the very reason for the February 21, 1979, court hearing where Moore allegedly met Corfman was because, according to the court documents, Corfman had exhibited “certain disciplinary and behavioral problems.” In other words, Corfman evidence behavioral problems prior to the alleged encounters with Moore.

Indeed, those stated “disciplinary and behavioral problems” were cited in the joint petition to change custody as the cause for both Wells and Corfman’s father agreeing that Corfman would be better served living with her father.  The parents signed a “consent decree” going along with the change in custody.

Over one year later, on May 5, 1980, which would have been after any alleged encounters with Moore, Wells filed a new petition to take back custody of her daughter. That petition stated that Corfman’s “disciplinary problem has improved greatly.”  The stated change in behavior is important since Corfman’s “disciplinary and behavioral problems” were cited as the reason for the father taking custody.

The improvement in behavior described by Wells seems to conflict with Corfman’s claim to the Post that after the 1979 encounter her “life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.”

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9 Responses to Judge Roy Moore story fact checking

  1. MJBubba says:

    A separate article at Breitbart has recent polling by Atlantic Media:


    “Moore, at 43 percent, leads Jones—who lags down at 37 percent—by six points in a survey conducted between November 18 and November 21 by Atlantic Media and Research. The poll memo, provided exclusively to Breitbart News ahead of its public release by Atlantic’s Rick Shaftan, shows that the survey includes 623 likely voters and has a margin of error of 3.9 percent.”

    • drlorentzdrlorentz says:

      It’s quite possible that the leftists played their trump card prematurely. By the election, the story may have faded and the election will proceed as if it never happened.

  2. Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

    I fervently hope that Moore wins. It will be the middle finger to McConnell, WaPo and its cohorts, and most deservedly, the GOP. And I purposely didn’t distinguish by denoting GOPe. That whole organization is crappola. Thanks for the update, Bubba.

  3. Xennady says:

    In other words, leftists are lying through their teeth, as usual.

    There’s a pattern to this- they come out with awful, breathless accusations, then the truth leaks out bit by bit, exposing their shameless deceit.

    Examples are legion. If these polls showing a lead by Moore are correct then we can hope the public has figured this out, finally.

  4. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Trump showed the way with the Access Hollywood ‘scandal’.

    Hold your ground, stare them down , fight back slur for slur.

    You only get the benefit of the doubt if you fight for it or are a progressive.

  5. MJBubba says:

    Yes; the benefit of the doubt. Judge Moore had crossed Mitch McConnell, and McConnell took the lying article from the lying Washington Post at face value, immediately decrying Judge Moore and calling for him to “step aside.” With that move he showed just how personal it really is, and he showed that the GOPe place greater trust in the Media-Democrat Complex than they do in the Republican voters of Alabama.

  6. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    I notice that NONE of the democrats currently in Congress and accused of misbehavior have denied it, while Moore has vehemently done so right from the start. I keep hearing Senators on the talk shows claiming Moore should step aside and allow a write-in. Like that would work.

    The establishment seems terrified of Moore. They plan an “ethics” investigation – on events that are alleged 30 years ago and are not holding up well to simple scrutiny.

    It really is time for some wholesale changes in the GOP.

  7. MJBubba says:

    “The establishment seems terrified of Moore.”

    Judge Roy Moore is an outspoken Evangelical Christian, a TEA Party favorite, and a Southerner. Of course they hate him. They seemed delighted and excited to have an excuse to openly campaign against him.

    Judge Moore is payback to the GOPe for their shenanigans in Mississippi.

  8. Xennady says:

    The establishment should be terrified of Moore- but it doesn’t even matter.

    They’ve already lost.

    If they can throw the election to the demonrat- awesome for them, but rank-and-file conservatives will quite rightfully feel betrayed. If they can’t, then they get a mortal enemy in their midst who has every reason to hate them. Or, alternatively, Moore wins and they somehow keep him from taking office.

    None of these scenarios are in any way good for the gee oh peeeeee.

    After all, the gopes still need to win elections, somewhere, with candidates willing to bootlick, or else the party can’t fulfill its purpose of fooling the right-side of the public into thinking it has representation.

    They aren’t even managing to lose successfully now, which is a sure sign their existence is nearing an end.

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