Soundtracks and Album Covers

We all have that fantasy of going through life as the star of our own movie….

Some have a soundtrack, some have an album cover

Today, let me present Life at Capitol Reef.

Any one else suffer from harmless Walter Mittism?


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8 Responses to Soundtracks and Album Covers

  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Hey! I believe I own the father of that hat on your dash. And those glasses look a lot like the pair I had stolen.

    ?Have you ever been in Chicago…

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      Sure have, many times. Not in the last 20 years, though.

      It takes a low form of life to steal a man’s shades…

      • DevereauxDevereaux says:

        And they were my favorite shades. A pair of Carreras with dark prescription lenses. I have a gold pair, but I liked the black frames for shades. Don’t think I can find those frames again.

  2. jzdrojzdro says:

    “Any one else suffer from harmless Walter Mittism?”

    Sure as I breathe!

    I live a rural life in a remote area. Just recently, at a professional meeting on a campus, I was standing around waiting for the shuttle bus. Suddenly I noticed that the faculty vehicles parked all around were not only mud-free, they had clean, black tires. The sidewalls of the tires were as new-looking as they had been on the sales lot – all of them. And this is a campus with an ag school!

    Apparently these academics drive on blacktop or cement all the time. Nominally they are agricultural academics; practically they are suburban cocoon-dwellers. Nothing in their lives equips them truly to understand my life, while the culture generally does equip me to understand their lives. The imbalance is acute and unsettling.

    Walter Mitty comes in to the story when I get up in the morning. Work clothes are a daily thing. Yet I have more than one closet full of town clothes. They are classics, and nice. But do I get much chance to go anywhere? Hah. Would you like to see the receipts for “the taxes on Tara”?

    I imagine dressing up and going places. I hope for those. Should I quit hoping?

  3. jzdrojzdro says:

    I am sorry to have messed up your fun post, TKC.

    Just venting here.

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      jz… no need, even Walter had sadness in his Mittiness.

      If I can post and get a heartfelt response, a feeling true, that is priceless.

      Never quit hoping. As a boy, I visited an airport and was envious of the people going somewhere with a purpose.

      When I became one of those, it came with a price.

      The hope was better than the realization..

  4. jzdrojzdro says:

    I understand you. Thank you.

  5. dwedart says:

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