New Leader on the Odds Board for Next 7th Fleet Collision

USS Shiloh.

The only question is with what. Currently, a railway bridge is slightly favored over Godzilla and Hokkaido.

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  1. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Guys, the ships and Sailors of SEVENTH Fleet have been driven into the ground, literally and figuratively, and deserve better. This is what happens when decades of bad resourcing meet years of bad decisions. Do more with less and a Can-Do! attitude becomes Do everything with nothing and try not to get killed.
    Well, it doesn’t work.
    It’s not like this is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. It’s a bit more like a death march.
    Looking at USS SHILOH in particular, those guys managed to NOT hit anything, NOT do anything embarrassing (one Petty Officer Mims notwithstanding), NOT critically screw up despite some of the worst leadership I’ve ever heard of, and even worse material conditions.

    • ctlaw says:

      Antietam (Tokyo Bay grounding) is 30 years old, Shiloh 25, McCain 23, and Fitzgerald 22.

      Are maintenance/repair duties, etc. preventing the crews from focusing on basic seamanship?

  2. ctlaw says:

    As if there was not enough confusion due to three people being named John S. McCain, the CO and the XO of McCain were both “Commander Sanchez”.

  3. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Any solutions to this serious problem?

  4. Xennady says:

    One my favorite cliches is the old saying that a fish rots from the head down.

    This needs to become a reverse tailhook scandal, with the end result that the entire rotten leadership of Uncle Sugar’s Canoe Club gets thrown overboard.

    If I recall- and I’m too disgusted to check- SJW extraordinaire Ray Mabus was Secretary of the Navy for the entirety of the last administration- and it shows.

    He has spent his time naming ships after random democrat heroes- Harvey Milk, Cesar Chavez, Gabby Giffords, etc- and stuffing the upper ranks with people just like him. One of them was a black woman given command of the 6th fleet who supposedly only had two years sea duty, in command of an amphibious ship. Gosh, ticket punchin’ time, no doubt to have an excuse to get an SJW in high command.

    Diversity is our strength, yo. Thusly, if you’re tainted with pale skin, I suspect you had to be the bestest of the bestest at keeping every i dotted and t crossed on every report. Hence, the bizarre behavior of the captain of the Shiloh. Worse, a lot of good officers weren’t willing to play that asinine game, and left the service.

    That’s just my cynical guess, based upon unpleasant suspicions.


    1) A major war, with the present fleet sent to the bottom. When the US gets a chance to rebuild, learn the bloody lessons of failure and do better.

    2) A major deployment of political capital, making the grimly serious case to the public that the US Navy deserves major investment and brutal attention to stop the endless stream of embarrassments caused by incompetence from the dead fish at the top and their idiot minions lower down.

    Maybe, just maybe, having a couple of billion-dollar warships so moronically sailed that they became hazards to the navigation of better-run third-world flagged container ships will be enough to get the process of reform started.

    But I won’t be holding my breath, to use another of my favorite cliches.

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