Lunch Box

Well, it was not actually lunch but dinner. I was on a motorcycle trip to Hokkaido. In my opinion the best way to go was on a ship from Maizuru to Otaru.  Here are pictures inside the ship. The ship takes 20 hours and leaves at midnight.

As anyone who has waited to drive on to a ferry knows you wait in line. Unlike a car you talk to the other riders in the motorcycle line. Next to me was an old guy on about 150 cc motorcycle. He said in his younger days he traveled around Hokkaido on a bicycle but now he uses his bike.

Later on the ship, I saw him eating a Japanese equivalent of a sandwich around lunch time and figured he was on the Econo-plan so I decided to invite him to the buffet dinner. He enjoyed it.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with a picture of a box. I will skip over the square meal joke quickly. It turns out he was a rice farmer. So as the Japanese saying goes I gave a “shrimp” and got back a “big fish”. He sends me rice every year.


1. How heavy do you think the box is? (I am sure John Walker has a box to rice calculator on his site at .)

2. How much money do you think it costs to ship that about 100 miles?

3. Will Brent finally realize what a good Sock I am?

4. Who will tell Vald there are grains of truth in this story?

(For those interested what the writing on the box is, see the picture below. )






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  1. ctlaw says:

    The optical concrete stress gauge shows the load on the step to be 7 lbs. or just over 3 kg. That’s 3 kg. of rice plus the box and bags.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      This might help. The density of cooked rice is about the same as granulated sugar. The box is about the size of a case of soda. It is taller but a little shorter. The box was half full of rice with edo mame (soy beans in the pod) and some persimmons.

      BUZZ!!!!! You’re answer is wrong. (Wait!! You might have used a faulty Fourmilab instrument. Do you know a good lawyer to go after the manufacture?)

      • ctlaw says:

        The OP did not mention the persimmons. I’ll need to recalibrate. The persimmons will cause localized stress in the concrete that dissipates beyond the footprint of the box, whereas the less dense rice has a more evenly distributed influence.

        The gauge is normally calibrated to weigh cylinders of plutonium for the Toyota Starlet time machines* (“The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it incognito?”).

        *It turns out JW has been hiding the fact that our timeline actually has two. Thus another timeline is missing one.

  2. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    For those who are into denseness. (Pencil, I will get to dullness someday.)

  3. ctlaw says:

    More noteworthy is that it was addressed to “Tall foreigner riding tiny motorbike, Kobe”.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      The foreigner tall but the mc is of a respectable size. Those small bikes are not so easy for us tall guys. We throw the center of gravity off.

  4. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    The answer was 13 kg.

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