Welcome, TSNyunt!

Just a quick note while I’m at work to say thanks for joining!  Look around — most folks here are on US time, but there a re a few tucked into odd corners of the world.  There’s a chat thing which you can now access — it’s really bare-bones, and you can’t even see who is on — it literally *just* does chats.

Privacy here is respected but not enforced — that is, it’s the internet — nothing is ever truly offline once it’s online.  Just the same, I put out a good faith effort to keep things tidy.  Any poor hygiene is at least not intentional :-)


Introduce yourself!  As much or as little as you choose to share.

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2 Responses to Welcome, TSNyunt!

  1. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Welcome, TSNyunt. Everyone is good here except for Brent.

  2. NandaNanda says:

    Welcome, TSNyunt! There’re some wonderful folks here; oh, and a typing sock…Enjoy! :-)

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