White Privilege

This is a hot can of milk tea from a vending machine. The name of this product is 白の贅沢 which means White Luxury. Down at the bottom of the can is a blue tilted rectangle with a gold map of Hokkaido, the Northern Island of Japan. The best milk comes from there. Only the finest for this Sock.

Was it okay for me to enjoy this tea? In the future should I bring tape to cover up the product name. Should I act like most foreigners and feign ignorance like Brent?

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12 Responses to White Privilege

  1. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

    Is it heated right in the vending machine? Never heard of hot tea in a can.
    Maybe the whiteness is mitigated if it’s black tea.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      The Japanese word for Black Tea is “Red Tea” so that might not work out well.

      Yes, the tea is heated in the vending machine. It is great to have on a cold day. You just have to push the red buttons. If you look at the vending machine you will see a red or blue label that tells one whether it is hot or cold.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    You need to sober up and take a picture that isn’t so fuzzy. Oh…

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Pencil, Japan has vending machines that dispense hot drinks. I always thought those would be great in our train stations but it seems not to have caught on. But in Japan you can get a can of hot coffee, with or without cream. Rather neat, I should say.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      I wonder if all the lawyers have stop it from happening. The can are toasty and if you held it too long you might get a burn. They would need a big sign, “Be Careful Handling the Can”.

  4. NandaNanda says:

    Today’s weather here makes that look tasty, Titheness! (You’re probably right about lawyers and vending machines here, sadly.)

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