Lost in the clouds (again)….

Hello, anyone have directions to the Book Club?  Seems my GPS is faulty and is only able to locate places on earth; it has problems with cloud-space/web pages?

I admit I haven’t been to any book club “meetings” thus far,  nor do I recall the name of the book we are going to discuss  … still I am thinking of joining the meeting next week, just for fun; I think Nanda said it’s ok.     However, I can’t remember if the discussion is via chat or telephone.  Where it is, or how to get there.  Any clues or directions would be appreciated.  Of course, wanting to get there doesn’t guarantee I will actually be there.   :)    Sorry, but this is how it is with procrastinators.

TMI here, but so what.  Actually, truth be told.  I am working on the procrastinator thing regarding the book club.   A couple of weeks ago, I heard this line in a show I was somewhat watching on Amazon; I think the show was “London Spy” but am not sure.  What I heard, while half-paying attention, was a character describe another character as “… has conviction but lacks ambition.”  Well, that got my attention.  It’s been somewhat sticking in my craw, as they say.  It rather felt like a challenge.  Reminded me of the book club.  So, I’m thinking, maybe if I go to at least one meeting, I can pull out that barb.

Directions appreciated.  Oh, and Nanda, MLH — What is the name of the book again?  (I may need some help with the the details on this one. But no lectures/sermons, it triggers my inner adolescent’s to natural urge to rebel.  Any excuse not to do something.  Right?   LOL)

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5 Responses to Lost in the clouds (again)….

  1. MLHMLH says:

    Here ya go.
    We’re on Chapter 3 but since we mostly talked about Montana this last session. . .

  2. TempTime says:

    Thanks MLH, I’ll look for an email with tel# on Monday or Tuesday.

  3. TempTime says:

    MLH, how would I have found the blog post without you? It seems to me I used to see (in the right side column” links to the Chaplain’s Corner, Captain’s Corner or something like that but I don’t. see them or a Blog link anymore.

    • MLHMLH says:

      The list that was on the right was to forums/fora. You might have a “dashboard” if you hover over the “Ball Diamond Ball” in the small black bar up top and to the left. When you open your dashboard you should be able to click on “posts” and scroll through until you find it. But then again, you might not have such a dashboard.

  4. TempTime says:

    Thanks again MLH. It was fun tonight.

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