It’s a BLM Day in the Neighborhood

Just in case you missed it, which would not be hard to do because it was not widely reported, last week a dozen or so Philadelphia BLMs came to the quiet street on which a Philadelphia cop lives with his family. The cop is on administrative leave pending an investigation into his participation in a shooting death of a black man in June. For a couple hours the BLMs, with a bullhorn, shouted threats and obscenities, ignoring the fact that it was a street of families and kids. A string of police officers instantly materialized and separated the thugs from the crowd of Philly-attitude parents who quickly came out to ‘discuss’ things with them.

Not mentioned in any news report that I’ve seen, but reported by the local talk radio host who knows people who were there, was that in addition to the barrage of ‘**** the Police!’ from the bullhorn, the BLMs announced they were ‘coming after’ the cop, his wife, and the wives of the neighborhood residents who disagreed with their right to terrorize the neighborhood.

To round out your background in this matter, Philadelphia Mayor Kenney rivals Bill DeBlasio for Cop Hater in Chief , and there is a race for DA this fall in Philly to fill the spot left by Democratic DA Seth Williams, who pled guilty to federal bribery charges. The Republican candidate is a woman with a terrific resume and the Democrat candidate is a Soros-funded attorney with no prosecutorial experience and is a former defense lawyer – for BLM members. The Phila FoP has endorsed the Republican candidate.

Please pray for the Cradle of Liberty.

You can read a bit more about it here:

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11 Responses to It’s a BLM Day in the Neighborhood

  1. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Thanks for making us aware.

  2. TempTime says:

    Yes, thank you. But I find it all a bit unsettling. Were there any arrests? What about laws such as public nuisance, disturbing the peace and such?

  3. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

    There are no arrests mentioned anywhere, I think the police ‘de-escalated’ the event, which is prog-speak for stood around watching. I’m sure they’d have stopped any physical altercations, the cops here are good but the mayor is not. Yes, you’d think it was disturbing the peace at least, but in Philadelphia, the right to obscene protest trumps the right to a happy neighborhood.

    • ctlaw says:

      Pencil: “I’m sure they’d have stopped any physical altercations, the cops here are good but the mayor is not.”

      But that’s probably because the target would be a cop or his family or some off-duty friends ready to fight back (in this latter case, the on-duty cops would really be protecting BLM from the off-duty cops). Would they be as protective of a non-cop? Recall the LAPD ignoring Reginald Denny being beaten nearly to death!

      • PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

        I know what you mean. Somehow, from the way things go around here lately, I think the progs are trying not to have outright violence erupt in Philadelphia. I tend to think a situation such as Baltimore, for instance, won’t [be allowed to] happen here. (It’s my opinion that few of these BLM altercations are completely organic, that the city gov officials are at least warned ahead of time, if not rather complicit in the mess.) I think they’d prefer to make Philly a soft revolution into BLM control, than have a detonation like Baltimore.

  4. TempTime says:

    Too sad for words.

    • Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

      Yeah, like terrorizing children is some kind of “right” that was just discovered? I’m both sad and mad, TempTime. It is way past time to shut down the anarchy developing in our cities. Shut it down hard.

  5. Larry KolerLarry Koler says:

    Bullies with mayoral protection — a bad combination. The Democratic Party has a history of doing the wrong thing on every important issue.

    • PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

      Yes, and if, come the fall, they get District Attorney protection too it will be an even worse mess. The DA will take full retribution on the Phila FOP for publically endorsing Trump in the election.

  6. Xennady says:

    Yet again I have to wonder just where in Blazes the supposed opposition party is in all this.

    It seems rather likely that Soros would be attempting to purchase the Philadelphia DA not so BLM can run rampant but so vote fraud can ensure that Pennsylvania will never be counted against the left in any future election. If this sounds paranoid, recall the vote fraud Jill Stein accidentally brought to light in Detroit last year with her abortive attempt to recount Hillary into the Presidency.

    In other words, this is an obscure local election with potential national importance, as long as the electoral college exists.

    So of course the gop will be far far away, railing against Trump, utterly indifferent to the lawlessness of the left.

    Pitiful, as usual.

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