God Teaches By Example Sometimes…

We just got back home after  fleeing a forest fire which was forcing evacuations at our planned destination while we were enroute. The whole of Western Oregon and N Cali is engulfed in orange smoke from the many burns underway.  So much for a quick getaway weekend for our 46th anniversary.

After we got on the grid I got in touch with my nephew who lives in Houston. He and his family are safe and dry for now. He says the devastation of the waters is beyond belief.

I send money and prayers, for an old man would need more help than he can give in Texas. May the cost in lives and spirits be low despite the damage and losses which will be uncountable.

My reflection is this: We are seeing our community , our nation at it’s best. No white privilege, no patriarchy, no racism when the everyday deplorables show up with boats and pickups, food and water, cares and compassion and just start saving lives and offering a hand.

The progressives with their thugs, their masks, their shrieking over statutes and feigned insults, their celebration of hatred and mob rule look very weak and small in moments like these.

God provides a meaning, even to disasters.


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  1. blondieblondie says:

    Glad you all are safe as well as your nephew and his family. Hopefully that will continue to be so. I’ve said before, I think part of our nation’s problem is 24/7 news channels. They have to have something to talk about and everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. Turn off the TV and talk to your neighbors and guess what? They don’t think much different from you. You help your neighbors in time of need and they help you. This is true America. Doesn’t sell papers or get people to watch news, though, sadly.

  2. NandaNanda says:

    Well-said, and necessary, TKC! Godspeed to your family members in Houston; also glad that you are safe at home!

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