Right Angles, Political Correspondent: Trump Says Sky is Blue!

At the White House today, President Donald Trump assembled reporters. In a speech in the Rose Garden, the president said, “The sky is blue.”

But CNN’s I.M. Anidiot criticized Trump for not using the phrase “but only on sunny days,” saying this is clear evidence of being a Science Denier.

MSNBC’s Brian “I Took Fire and Almost Died” Williams reported that because Trump failed to mention clouds, the speech was a policy failure. Williams went on to say, “I know all about clouds because I have flown above them when Chuck Yeager and I first broke the sound barrier.”

Rep Maxine Waters called a press conference to object to Trump’s use of the word “blue,” calling it “a racist statement which excludes all other colors of the rainbow.”

And Bill Kristol told this reporter that Trump’s speech was not worthy of the office he holds because he didn’t even mention the fact that sometimes the sky is more of a grayish color. “Any man who doesn’t realize that the sky is sometimes more of a grayish color has no business with his finger on the nuclear button,” Kristol said.

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  1. MLHMLH says:

    The inspiration was over in the caf:

    RightAngles (View Comment):
    If Trump said ‘The sky is blue,” they’d find a way to discredit that statement.

    All they see are gray skies.

  2. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Trump is clever, comrade. He is saying the SKYs are to Putin the cash in the Blue Account. Madame IvankaSKY will let us know more by her blink code.

    Why can’t you be more like Morning JoeSKY, comrades? He will do anything to promote the cause. Really. Anything.
    He will soon be bigger than McCartney and Lenin. Our style department came up with that hair, comrades?

  3. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

    (love this post)

    And Mitt Romney tweeted that the critics at the press conference were only protesting Trump’s blatant colorism, so Trump should apologize to them.

  4. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Right Angles, how do you get to be a PoCo in DC? Do you ever break a nail or have a bad hair day?

    Can I get your most important working tool? You know what I mean. The little 3 by 5 card you pull out that says, “R=Bad D=Good I=Dan Rather”.

    • RightAnglesRightAngles says:

      Well, Dime, it isn’t easy to achieve the status of PoCo in DC. You have to pay your dues as I have. That means knowing who to send naked pictures to. And who to have naked pictures of, to hold over their heads. All I know I learned from the DNC.

      • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

        Did you start at Gawker, RA? Did you graduate from the Ted Baxter School of Journalism at Columbia? (I hear they are changing the name to the Jim Acosta School. Is that true?)

        When will Anderson Cooper come out and own up to the fact your his girlfriend? Why did you jilt MoJoe? You knew he would go for the closest thing to the telepromter after you.

  5. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:


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