Things Have Changed

Greetings.  I am no longer a Republican.  I am certainly not a Democrat.  Neither am I a member or supporter of the Libertarian party or the Constitution Party.  I support no candidate and I oppose no candidate.  I am no longer a partisan political supporter of anybody.   If I mention names, it is only is far as they carry ideology in support of or in hazard to our Constitution.  I make my own decisions.  I know how to read the Constitution, I know how to think, and I know what duties are laid before me.   I support and defend the Constitution, and this means that I necessarily oppose those who endanger it.

The United States is currently in a Constitutional crisis, which succinctly has the following core: if there is popular support for lawlessness and anti-Constitutional acts by elected and appointed officials, what duty is laid on those who still will “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”?  Can elections outweigh laws?  Can acts of Congress outweigh the Constitution?  That is, with the Constitution as the foundation of our laws and the consent of the governed as our government’s claim to sovereignty, can that consent do away with our Constitution?

Obviously it can, as we are seeing before our eyes, but then what is the duty of those who are sworn to uphold or to support and defend that Constitution?  More to the point, what protection is available to those who defend the Constitution against the depredation of an ill-educated populace and an avaricious government?  Certainly, there is no refuge to be found in “I was only following orders”, yet this is what many well-intended but ignorant government servants would say.  This is not only their last, but often their first recourse in argument, that the orders of the President and so on should outweigh the Constitution.

Those of us who see this as a matter of fidelity to oath and duty to Constitution are not in the mood for the shenanigans from the left or from the right.  It is not partisan to identify and address the threats to the Constitution — if this is not done, then there can be no defense.

And there must be a defense.  No politician gets my support without placing first among his duties the support and defense of the Constitution.

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