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Having gotten over the idea that listening to podcasts or audio books while hiking in the forest is sacrilege, I load up my mp3 player on Friday for my long hikes on Saturday. (I’m training to hike North-to-South rim-to-rim  of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado on October 12th).

I recommend the following this week (although the cast might be older):
Whiskey Politics: all of ’em from Freedom Fest;

Delingpole: 1) with special guest Chris Horner (about the making of the climate change plot) and
2) special guest Dr. Mike Simpson (older cast)

Sheepdog Project: Ep. 14 with James Holland (older cast)

ACF Podcast #7 (Titus’s new gig): Dunkirk (available on Soundcloud).

I also listened to a couple of Jerome Danner’s Thinking it Through. Jerome’s cast is getting better in sound quality.

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4 Responses to Recommended Listening

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    I tend to do podcasts and audiobooks on long drives. Delingpole is a definite keeper.

    Even scenery needs other stimulation after an hour…

  2. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    This is a trick. I am a guy. I don’t listen. I nod and think of a way to evade the conversation.

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