Just a Thought. . .

. . .on Senator McCain and the health (er, um MEDICAL) care bill vote.

He was a Navy brat: socialized med. He was in the Navy: socialized med. Veteran: socialized med. Senator:. . . pretty much anything they want. Senior citizen: socialized med.

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4 Responses to Just a Thought. . .

  1. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    He is for the biggest possible gov’t intervention and centralized management of healthcare.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Tailor made situation, where John McCain gets to show how tough he is to appear in the Senate and vote.

    If the GOP had a clue, they would cast a dying man gets off his bed to pass the new healthcare bill. “Tell John McCain that millions will die if this passes, Senator Schumer. Tell it to John McCain….”

    But then again, the GOP always fails at using emotional imagery unless it is to be crushed by it.

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