The Donations Stop Here

This is yet another e-mail I received from the Rubio campaign:


This past weekend I spent some time discussing President Trump’s new Cuba policy on the national news.

Our relationship with Cuba is changing for the better, Elizabeth.  President Trump is going to be strengthening our connection with the Cuban people while also reversing our support for the communist Castro regime and its military apparatus.

Thank you for your support.

Mon Dieu!  I am going to stop enabling politicians before they deliver so this was my response:

This is a good first step but if you don’t start supporting Trump in all economic decisions, you will lose my vote.

BTW, I am a subscriber to National Review and fell in love with you from the cover story they printed during your first senatorial race. I am no longer enamoured because although you are a talented politician from my state, you are no businessman. Our supremely successful governor, Rick Scott doesn’t even endorse you. In these tough economic times, you better be supporting the guy who knows how to make the donuts, not just spend them.

Sincerely … etc.


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7 Responses to The Donations Stop Here

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Well said, dear Lady, very well said. Rubio is an incomplete package, all the communication gifts, thin on experience and judgement. Not moored to anything concrete except achieving power. Poor judge of people.

    • EThompsonEThompson says:

      It’s unfortunate. He was the epitome of the American success story, but I’m afraid he didn’t really understand why.

  2. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    Well said Liz.

  3. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    He’s never fully recovered from his u-turn on amnesty.

  4. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    I also thought highly of Rubio a few years ago. He made some errors. He’s still green, I guess. He may yet mature into a decent politician.

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