Dad’s Day at BDB’s

We have only one member with “dad” in the title but I would venture to guess that biology being what it is we had some situation with a dad. This is a day to say thanks and remember the good.

My dad loved people. He was a true character. I don’t know if I will ever meet someone like him ever again. He died at 77. I am left with many gems that he shared. He never lost the joy of the child.

In some ways my father-in-law was a father to me. I felt his love. How strange history is! I bet he never thought his daughter would marry an American. He was always there to help but never to push. I lost him a while back too.

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8 Responses to Dad’s Day at BDB’s

  1. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Pencil, are Dad Pencils the big fat ones, grease pencils, or those flat carpenter’s pencils?

  2. EThompson says:

    Dads are the ones who raise their daughters with the same standards of achievement as they do their sons. This will be a sad Father’s Day for me, because I miss my touchstone.

    In his memory, I will quote one of his favorite lines to me, although it wasn’t a favorite of mine at the time. :)

    “I have given you the best education and the best possible upbringing any child could expect in this world. Now, it’s your turn to milk those advantages and make a successful life on your own.”

    This was his parting comment to me as I was leaving home at age 22 for the Apple to accept my first ‘real’ job. I have carried this direction with me for my entire adult life.

  3. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    As I sit here with my daughter and my three granddaughters after a long visit to the Museum of Flight, and plan on returning home tomorrow to have dinner with my son and grandson, I remember missing my Dad, who I lost when I was twelve. He never got to see the next generation.

    My wife misted up at the museum when I called her over to see a P 47. Her dad saw most of them roll off the line and she felt a connection long gone.

    Dads are an ideal we never see perfected, we just slog on and try our best.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      TKC, there is such a contrast between a mom and a dad. The love is there but shown in different way. Both have a softness. In my view men are softer than women. Also women have a toughness that is amazing.

    • EThompson says:

      Dads are *the best* particularly dealing with daughters; it’s the most special relationship.

      Grandfathers are a close second so I congratulate you on three granddaughters!

  4. NandaNanda says:

    Beautiful, All! Happy Dad’s Day…To the Dad in all of us…

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