Camille Makes Sense

H/T to Instapundit.

Camille Paglia gets to the point quickly and effectively. She is one liberal who is willing to think and push back. Even though I am sure we would disagree on different things at least we have important things we both value. PC and Regressive Left are not good for society.

I caught a YouTube of her commenting on how societies that are soon to fail go against masculine virtues.

What is your take?


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7 Responses to Camille Makes Sense

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Camille was a contemporary at SUNY when I was there back in the 60s. I have followed her since and found her to be the genuine article.

    Independent,always well reasoned and grounded heavily in the reality of everyday people, she is a liberal I can enjoy and agree with her facts if not her conclusions. I can even agree with many of her conclusions, sometimes not her prescriptions.

    She is Always worth a read.

  2. blondieblondie says:

    She makes reasoned and well thought out arguments. She’s not all emotion and feeling. We might be in trouble if some on the left actually listened to her advice.

  3. Whiskey SamWhiskey Sam says:

    Very pleasantly surprised by this. She and Dershowitz may be the last two sane liberals.

  4. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    Indeed Paglia is a thinker. I don’t always agree with her but her views are well reasoned and usually reality-based. The Left (especially feminists) hate her. Ironic, no?

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