Megyn Watch

I am trying to remember if anyone in the news business have ever succeeded by moving to another network. They never seem to get the magic back that made them popular. Saying that I think Megyn will go the Roger Mudd, Connie Chung, Katie Couric, etal route. She had a good thing going and like a lot of stars will find out how much of it was them.

What say you?

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  1. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Megyn, it was nice having you around when you were on Fox, but we’re not about to follow you over to NBC. You are a reporter, not a leader, and the ones who would follow you are not the ones you want.

    • EThompson says:

      I always thought she was woefully ignorant of the issues and never forgave her for that useless question she posed to Trump during the first of the debates.

      I also didn’t like the Vegas cocktail dresses she wore to report the news although I’m sure she was encouraged by Fox to do so.

      I admire Dana Perino who is always informed, serious, smart, attractive and dresses stylishly, but professionally. Same goes for Hannity’s frequent guest, Laura Ingraham. Neither presents as the typical D.C. ‘frump’ or a brainless blonde.

      • BrentB67BrentB67 says:


        I endorse the gentlelady from Florida. Megyn is an overrated tabloid hack and her true colors never shone brighter than the first Republican debate.

  2. Vald the MisspellerVald the Misspeller says:

    She’s not getting the magic back ’cause she never had it in the first place. Roger Ailes was the magician, Me-Again* was always just eye candy.

    Hat tip, Ace of Spades

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      She was more than just eye candy and I agree Roger Ailes was the magician. It takes more than a newsreader to make a show. A newsreader can destroy a show though.

    • drlorentzdrlorentz says:

      She remains eye candy and still shows plenty of cheesecake in photos. When she interviewed Putin recently it looked like she was coming on to him.

  3. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    What’s wrong with being flaxen haired and eye candy? The ‘stache makes all the difference. It gives gravitas.
    They need to update the list.

  4. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

    Welp, one of the excuses she gave for not re-signing with Fox was, she wanted to be home more with her kids. So she might have even more time with them soon.
    I thought she was a good sparring partner for O’Reilly when she was on his show, but when she started doing the election coverage it seemed to go to her head.
    A friend of mine was given Kelly’s book and she read some of it, but she said it dripped with a kind of self-serving feminism. Eh.

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      I remember a preacher once saying, “A person wrapped up in themselves make an awful small package.” The sad part is that the person doesn’t see it happening.

    • EThompson says:

      “Settle for More” suggests that modern women are disenfranchised and I just won’t tolerate this ridiculous accusation for one minute because it’s so far removed from reality.

      One can analyze any gender-socio demographic out there and I will tell you it’s the greatest thing to be a woman in America.

      Stop the ill-founded complaints!

      NOW and Gloria Steinem/Betty Friedan did some good work in the 70s; so much so that they exceeded beyond their wildest dreams. The rest of us have carried the torch and moved on. Quite frankly, I find it insulting that our benefactors refuse to acknowledge the progress we’ve made on our own. Similar analogies can made to the Civil Rights Movement.

      If either organizations really had chutzpah, they’d get to work on the abusive behavior of men in the Middle East.

  5. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    She turned out to be shallow with her convictions based on the emotions of the left.

    She clearly wished for a better audience and now she has one.

    Too bad her new audience is smaller and less faithful than her old one.

    She chose ….poorly…

  6. ctlaw says:

    Clearly, there are several people who did well moving to FoxNews.

    Most noteworthy is Greta van Susteren who had been doing well at CNN when she jumped to FoxNews.

  7. ctlaw says:

    Barbara Walters
    David Brinkley

    • 10 Cents10 Cents says:

      Thanks, CT. I knew there had to be a few.

      Walters and Brinkley had an unique style. I think that more the other things gave them longevity. They both left NBC and went to ABC, right? ABC wasn’t doing to well at the time if I remember rightly. Did Roone Arledge bring Brinkley over? He was a Ailes type wasn’t he?

  8. NandaNanda says:

    Greta started at CNN, doing legal affairs coverage, didn’t she? (Without the plastic surgery, iirc.)

  9. NandaNanda says:

    Baba Wawa wasn’t a journalist/reporter for very long before her reinvention as a softball/confessional-style interviewer…As Chris Reeve advised Margot Kidder about her: “You may owe her your story. You *don’t* owe her your pain.”

  10. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    I am looking forward to her interview with Alex Jones, though. Should be a train wreck.

  11. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    Here is Alex Jones on Piers Morgan’s show a few years back:

  12. EThompson says:

    I may be afraid to carry but surely like this fellow Michigander:

  13. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    Why are you afraid to carry, ET? I’ve always thought guns were most important for women because a gun is an equalizer: you can be strong like a man in the face of a threat.

    If you don’t feel unsafe in day-to-day life then I understand your reluctance since there are potential downsides to carrying. It’s probably worth becoming proficient with a gun anyway. Besides, shooting is fun.

    • EThompson says:

      Carrying a gun is a huge responsibility and I work very, very hard to afford to live in a neighborhood where I can feel free to walk around unarmed.

      It’s simply about the freedom from fear. If I feel the need to carry, it means I’m afraid of my environment.

      • EThompson says:

        This is not to say I don’t use other methods of protection. I boarded a LAX-JFK flight 3 years ago (long after 9/11) and I simply did what NYC cops were once permitted to do- I profiled three young Arab men sitting behind me and expressed my concerns to the flight attendants.

        I was ignored, but when I finally landed as a nervous wreck at LAX, three sky marshals came on board and carried them off. Turned out they were Al-Qaeda partisans looking to establish base camp in LA.

        Watching and observing the NYPD trained me well.

        Here’s another example: I went to hear Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak in New York with two fatwas placed upon her so there was excruciatingly intense security. I was running back and forth through security checkpoints trying to buy her latest book to get an autograph and get back to my seat.

        Nobody stopped me. My friend who was with me commented, “Well, it certainly pays to be a diminutive blonde woman sometimes.”

        I replied, “Some things just make sense.”

  14. EJHill says:

    Brinkley was forced out at NBC because network honchos thought he was too old. He had hosted several prime time news “magazines” and none of them clicked with viewers.

    At the time Brinkley moved to ABC in 1981, Jack Welch was chairman of the NBC’s parent company, General Electric and was incensed at the way Brinkley was handled. With the launch of “This Week,” GE became a major sponsor of the show.

    Most moves from network to network fail because the talent is forced into a role they are ill-suited. Barbara Walters and Katie Couric both bombed as anchors after their happy-talk morning TV successes. But lateral moves work better.

  15. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Well it was a rating bonanza for …..

    a re-run of 60 minutes. Poor Megyn as the said in one of the Raiders movies “chose unwisely”.

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