I Was Reminded Of Warren Zevon Today…

Another day in the arena of the courtroom.  A nice guy who is good at digging holes got screwed by a large undercapitalized general contractor who decided not to pay him after he went deep into debt to buy equipment to deliver their work.

Being an independent sort, he tried to fix an impossible cash flow hole by himself for almost two years before disaster hit.

As usual ,the US Attorney is trying to throw him to the wolves on a million legal fictions . She is an Obama holdover who seems to dislike whites, men and male Caucasians in random order.

So once again, on the witness stand, being cross examined by this entrenched swamp creature, explaining the situation to the attorneys for those owed money (Including the friendly IRS) that the only hope they have of recovering what’s owed in whole or part is to let this man bring his enterprise back to  life by the steps outlined in the proposed plan submitted to the Federal Judge.

I am getting too old for this crap. Time to find a young apprentice who can drive the Batplan and the BatSpreadsheet and handle the creatures of the court without going Bat Guano crazy. (Five gold stars if you get the movie reference)

I also learned that driving a crew cab pickup in a city which detests automobiles with a passion is an exercise in class warfare.

Just another day in paradise.


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5 Responses to I Was Reminded Of Warren Zevon Today…

  1. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Perspective. The left does not believe that wealth is created, and therefore feel that liquidating useful assets is the best that will happen. They literally see this as a zero-sum game with the contractor not actually in arrears, but in possession of too much material wealth. He has stuff, and they mean to take it.
    They steal from Peter and they steal from Paul, equality Voila!

  2. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Reality is for the little people. The lawyer wants another notch on her belt.

  3. MLHMLH says:

    “bat guano crazy,” Dr. Strangelove, no?

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