Democrat Shoots Republicans, Film Never

An actual bloody shirt is not enough to constitute a bloody shirt these days. This is because the Republican Party is in control, with President Donald Trump at the helm.  

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7 Responses to Democrat Shoots Republicans, Film Never

  1. NandaNanda says:

    Praying for all affected/involved and for our beloved country! It seems the Antifa has become Fa “with a bullet”, as used to be said about hit records…

  2. EThompson says:

    Donald Trump is not at the helm of the GOP! He constitutes his own party and the Republicans despise him as much as the Democrats do.

  3. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:


  4. blondieblondie says:

    This won’t hardly make noise by the end of today (Thursday). And I’m already tired of the “can’t blame the left’s rhetoric” crowd. When the former person that occupied the White House says things like bringing a gun to a knife fight, I think I can blame their rhetoric.

  5. NandaNanda says:

    Whether he likes it or not, he’s the face of the GOP…

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