Who is up to watch Sessions at 2:30 Eastern Time?

What is everyone’s take? Boring? Must watch?

I wonder how rough they will be on him.

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7 Responses to Who is up to watch Sessions at 2:30 Eastern Time?

  1. Xennady says:


    The die is cast.

    That’s a cliche, but I suspect anyone reading this can discern my meaning.

  2. Xennady says:

    True, but I expect no surprises here.

    My take: Sessions will deliver nothing that changes the political dynamic. Thus, irrelevant. Of course, I can always be wrong.

    I suppose he can come out and accuse Trump of being a criminal, and endorse impeachment. But I doubt it, because if so I’d expect the nevertrump fringe to have already been rejoicing, loudly and publicly.

    So I expect Sessions will support Trump, at least enough to disappoint the nevertrump crazies.

    We’ll see…

  3. PencilvaniaPencilvania says:

    I’m sorry, I’m not up on this – are they asking him about Russian ambassadors, or Comey’s firing, or is he going to resign, or what?
    I just hope he debunks a few more WaPo certified fact-checked articles.

  4. Xennady says:

    My evaluation is that it doesn’t matter what they ask him about.

    I base that upon the assumption that he will support Trump, and that the leftist media will continue to lie.

    Thus, even if he suddenly exposes yet more treason by the demonrats, he will be ignored- unless he betrays Trump.

    Which I do not expect. Thus, irrelevant.

  5. Vald the MisspellerVald the Misspeller says:

    I’m up for watching Sessions unfortunately, that means enduring the yammering micowits on the ‘Intelligence’ Committee, so … NO!

    P.S. While MODERATE SYRIAN REBELS is my choice for oxymoron of the year, SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE is one for the ages.

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