Prager Responds to Critics

Here is the link.

Prager has stood up from various things. I have a good idea where he is coming from. When in comes to JPod and JGold, I don’t know. They are witty and spot on at times but I get a feeling they like hearing themselves type too much.

What do you think of Dennis Prager’s response?

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8 Responses to Prager Responds to Critics

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Goldberg is now touting Comey as a trustworthy truth teller. He is now a shill for Liberal Fascism.

    These folks have painted themselves in a never-right corner and cannot see clear to walk it back.

    Ego is the most destructive force when mis applied.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Prager is spot on, as usual. He is not backing down and calling the little sobs out.

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Good for Dennis.

    I still can’t understand the “right” being against Trump. So far he has done everything someone on the right would want. His cabinet is almost a super-star conservative collection.

    I suppose I know the answer, but just can’t accept the right would throw away such a chance to change the world. No one on the LEFT would dump this kind of chance if they got it. Look at them – they were willing to run Hillary, a wholly dispicable candidate. Indeed, a friend of mine who is a liberal AND voted for her refers to her as “that lyin’ b***h.”

    • Percival says:

      I think the big fiction is that the “right” that is opposed to Trump isn’t as “right” as they’ve been pretending to be. A number of them are the ones that assured us that good ol’ Mitt was a real conservative underneath. He was no such thing.

      • DevereauxDevereaux says:

        Well, people have been saying for some time that the republicans are not very conservative. It’s been the new blood that has shown conservative thinking – Cruz, Paul, Lee.

        McConnell has been a great tactician during the time when he was the minority. Now, though, he seems to act more like he’s STILL the minority. Notice how ruthless the Left was when they had the reins. Would that our side had similar tendencies.

  4. Percival says:

    This won’t end for some people until the Trump presidency does.

  5. Whiskey SamWhiskey Sam says:

    JPod and JGold have shown themselves to be deeply insecure, selfish individuals who are more concerned with being know-it-alls than being right. Their ilk is willing to piss away reform because it didn’t come about in the way they thought it should have. Hubris precedes nemesis.

  6. ctlaw says:

    Goldberg seems borderline.

    My guess is that he actually would have voted for Trump if he was in a swing state.

    Goldberg pre-election: “But we all owe it to the country to give him his shot. I will be delighted to be proven wrong. But given that I actually believe the things I believe in, I don’t have high hopes.”

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