Breakfast On America

Just had a great morning experience. I dropped my son off at the train station.  Went for coffee at a Starbucks close to base.  Saw a table of yard clams speaking a bit too loud. These civilian contractors to Navy shipyards are typically enlisted veterans who go straight from the military to directly supporting the military but with great heaving bellies, bushy beards, and a funk that comes from loose living and tight quarters.

I waited for my decaf and fiddled with my trash, and eavesdropped on a fascinating conversation.

They were discussing Trump, and while they had a great many pros and cons, the cons always seemed to get washed away as minor compared to the audacious goals and worthy strikes.

The group was five, with a gaunt old white guy and his plump companions, a four-square of young and old, black and white.

They discussed issues with more attention to detail than I have mustered lately.  They watch the news and they see right through it.  They are obviously plugged in to something besides the MSM.

The most refreshing part was that I haven’t heard such a clear casual public expression of support for Republicans, much less Trump hisself since perhaps ever.

I dare the Democrats to bring impeachment. It will be their tombstone.

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5 Responses to Breakfast On America

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    My experience supports your findings. The elites are avoiding the reality of losing control of the information flow.

    The media have chosen sides and lost any trust they had. The games are transparent to those who tackle reasonably complicated jobs every day.

    The polling and the rent a crowds will intensify to give the appearance of support. The dismantling of FoxNews will not help them, it will hurt them.

    All Trump has is his voters. I cannot see an endgame for his opponents where they win without jailing all 60 million.

  2. EThompson says:

    Yard clams??


    On a more serious note, I bet their observations couldn’t have possibly surprised me about Trump. This is why the man won! A lot of people understand and appreciate the orange haired man from Queens who speaks dicey grammar, forgets his manners, speaks roughly at times and became a billionaire because he took on extensive risk and knew how to extricate himself from failure.

    Not to sound redundant, but I like dis guy.

  3. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    Did you invite them to become chartered members in this fine establishment?

  4. NandaNanda says:

    *** and thanks for enriching my sister-service vocabulary! S/G, S/Q & S/F!

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