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So France is once again ruled from Berlin by a willing band of turncoat French open-borders and open-legs administrators of decline.  This EU stuff is interesting not only in its own right, but as a cautionary model of the Unites States as well.  The differences are obvious, the similarities not so much, but I posit that the similarities are worth looking into just the same.

Whereas the EU lacks an authoritative central government, it remains very much a thing more like a nation-state than any other collection of countries which might also lack such a central government — OPEC, ASEAN, OIC, and so forth.  The only organizations which are more like nation-states are actually declared as such — centrally governed federations like the US and the Russian Federation.

As Nigel Farage has pointed out, the EU parliament in Brussels has serially ignored “out” national referenda by countries as diverse as Spain, Ireland, and France, instead demanding that votes be held again and again until they turn out in favor of the EU.  So far, only the UK has succeeded in putting its Wellington down and keeping it there.

So a federated model is no guarantee against the influence of a centralizing force with a veneer of overall buy-in.  Recall that time and again, individual nations in the EU have had their affairs run from the center and their wishes overruled.  So how much *more* possible is this sort of thing to happen in the United States?

Our Constitution seems to be proof against the most egregious abuses, but this is a comforting fairy tale.  In fact, the doctrine of the Living Document, and the failure of states to defend their own and our own rights, have given us a ready-made tyranny, ripe for the taking.  Look at how close we came to a Hillary presidency, and consider that perhaps only Trump could have beaten her.

Had that happened, we would now wish for as putative a centrist as Macron as President, and we would envy the British their lukewarm Brexiteer Theresa May.  Our states mean nothing in the present tense — they mattered in the past, and there is hope for the future, but right now, state governments are clock-watching dispensaries of federal bribes.  Our internal borders are meaningless as defenses against the open-borders treachery of the central government.  The Commerce Clause, which should by rights be an obscure bit of legalese, is instead one of the cornerstones of the state-to-federal relationship, to the advantage of the feds.  We are far more like the EU, a loose economic federation the central committee of which has aims of becoming a continental overlord,  than it is comfortable to think about.

Obama’s policy of settling a mass of homogenous non-assimilating cultural antipodeans in our cities and states against our will is a feat unseen since Stalin aimed to bust up his political problems.  We may consider ourselves lucky to be comparable to the EU when this is done.

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  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    The 17th amendment did much to emasculate the states, taking their rightful voice from the federal government and instead placing the corny “democratically elected” mopes we now have. Apparently no one understands the republican model that the constitution created.

    You note rightly the Commerce Clause as another culprit in our degradation, but yet another and perhaps more powerful destructive force was the bandit Cardozo finding on the General Welfare clause. That ruling basically unhitched the federal government from any enumerated powers and made it able to do whatever it wished.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    The real challenge is: Now that the little folks see they can do it, was it a one shot deal ? Will we all go back to sleep and let the elites run it all?

    The states are vestigial, we need the Federal beast rechanneled for effectiveness and less reach and the local communities getting more freedom.

    I live in a place where I have more to fear now for my liberty from the state government than the Federal one. It is not states versus Washington, it is progressive versus freedom.

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