Just Curious About Russiamania

Russians15cossacks Is it me or are we getting as a nation a bit crazy on the Russian thing? They are a people badly led who are trying to get some for their country with a lousy hand of cards. Is anyone here worried that they are doing anything we do not expect?

The fix to beat back Russia is letting them know where we will stop them and oil in the $40 range. Are they going to play cyber games? Of course, along with every other nation and private groups, including us.

What am I missing? If Trump was a Russian stooge, his moves on oil , gas and coal are about as bad as can be for Russia.

Someone tell me where I am wrong here. I am losing interest in the breathlessness of media reporting on this. It is not missiles in Cuba with permission to fire if we set foot on the island.  That was scary. This? Pshaw on it.


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  1. EThompson says:

    “They are a people badly led who are trying to get some for their country with a lousy hand of cards. Is anyone here worried that they are doing anything we do not expect?”

    Of course I’m worried. Putin is ex-KGB and make no mistake about it- a stone cold killer- and a globalist anxious to retrieve lost territory in Crimea and Ukraine (the home of my beloved Orange Revolution).

    But here is why in this dangerous world in which we live Putin is not our top priority:

    1. He’s prioritizing the development of a strong economy. (I say, let him; those pitiful Russians – other than the oligarchs – have been beaten down like dogs for centuries and will probably never learn how to develop a thriving, capitalist economy.
    2. Vlad doesn’t care to martyr himself or his people.
    3. When you deal with the criminally insane populous in Muslim countries who have no value for life including their own, it’s a far more difficult war to wage. Putin is absolutely a monster we can deal with- dangle a few dollars and oil sanctions in front of his face and he’ll abandon Syria and Iran in a NY minute. We obviously were not able to make the same kind of deal with Saddam Hussein because he and rightfully so, did not take UN sanctions at all seriously. Despite all the finger pointing at the lack of WMD, Hussein had fully equipped labs, formulas, and staffs of physicists and scientists on alert while he waited to get “Food for Oil” lifted so he could buy chemicals.

    Donald and Rex understand this well and know how to make a deal. At this point, I’d be content to wipe the jihadists off the face of the planet first and move on to the next problem.

    The Democrats should be expatriated for treason because they know and seemingly do not care about the countries/cultures that truly threaten our security now.

  2. EThompson says:

    As an aside, TKC, I think your post was about two types of evil: the amoral and ruthless vs. the criminally insane.

    I think we have failed to make distinctions and this is why many Americans don’t understand the relationship Trump’s cabinet may be able to develop with the Russians.

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      Nicely put. Russia is a known adversary. If we tell them this far and no more and they believe it, it works.
      They will always spy and corrupt from within. So do we, or we better be.
      Russia has a bad hand. Bad demographics, natural resources but lousy political system for investment and long borders to defend with serious potential adversaries right across the line.
      They do have an advantage in that their next generation is not taking Uzbek Studies as a major. They have some real good science, engineering and computer folks.

  3. EThompson says:

    “They have some real good science, engineering and computer folks.”

    Good point and China is headed down the same path. One of my favorite quotes from Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs came from this dynamic entrepreneur who, while breaking bread with Obama one evening, lit into him at the lack of engineering degrees earned by American students. He asked, “Why do I have to hire 150,000 people in China to manufacture my iPhone? If you focus on nothing else during your administration, you better focus on developing more home-grown engineers or you’ll be a one term president.”

    Of course he was wrong about the latter part of his statement, but I appreciated both his vision and his chutzpah.

  4. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Off the top of my head, I would put our affinities like this:
    1. Anglosphere, Israel
    2. Eurosphere, Japan
    3. Slavosphere, Latin America
    4. Sinosphere, Indosphere
    5. Afrosphere, Islamosphere

    This is flawed, of course — the gradations are finer early in the list, but that is probably a natural feature of everybody’s affinities list.

    • EThompson says:

      I’m affiliated both morally and politically with the Slavs (Eastern Europe) and the Israelis.

      Israel is an obvious choice because it has always been a capitalist, Western society.

      My first trip to Eastern Europe- Budapest, Krakow, Gdansk, and Kiev nearly broke my heart because of the severe melancholia of the citizens who managed to survive both the Nazis and the Communists in one generation. Despite it all, they were working like (capitalist) dogs to provide great service at hotels, restaurants, and airports and have maintained their historical symphonic traditions.

      Prague was plagued by a similar past, but impressed me as does Paris with its’ glamour and sophistication. I’m not sure why this city recovered so quickly from the Holocaust and Stalin but it has and is fast becoming a ‘tourist attraction’ I choose to avoid in the future. (And that is not a bad thing!)

      In any case, my husband and I made the decision to spend most of our future travel budget in Eastern Europe not only for political reasons but because it is a fascinating part of the world. (The rest of the budget is forever dedicated to Vienna, the most glorious city on Earth!)

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      I would like to see us move the Indosphere up a few notches, but that my be wishful thinking

      • EThompson says:

        I hear that but I think I’d place my bets on the Sinosphere. Just saying because I recently did something I never do- I bought clothing online (!) from Viet Nam and I love the quality. It isn’t that nasty stuff you see at Old Navy but is reasonably priced at $50 plus dollars for sweats/knitwear and $138 for a pair of perfectly respectable leather loafers.

        I’m a happy and surprised shopper!

  5. EJHill says:

    There are some of Hillary’s people who are absolutely certain that this is their ticket, that somehow, someway, someone will get the Supreme Court to overturn the 2016 election.

    Only reluctantly do they admit, when pressed, that there is no Constitutional path for that. Which is why they are investing so heavily in the delegitimization process.

    “You can’t elevate Pence because he was elected on the same illegitimate ticket. All of Trump’s appointed are illegitimate, too!”

    Because the 25th Amendment still keeps the White House in Republican hands no matter what, there have even been calls to change that. Others have dreams that a military coup would rally around Hillary. (Really? More likely an enterprising band of retired Marines would take out everyone in James Mattis’ path first.)

    What these idiots are also doing, of course, is justifying a real shooting war with Russia. How can you intellectually make the case that Russian interference was so bad it justifies tearing up your own Constitution but that you shouldn’t punish them and make sure it never happens again? More than one Democrat, and even Dick Cheney, have specifically used the words “an act of war.”

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      Russia is the straw the threatened establishment is clinging to. The populist rise caught them totally by surprise and they are scared out of their wits.

      So now they have to tell us that Che and Castro were good Communist Thugs and Putin is a bad Communist Thug, but the Chinese are not to be confronted. I expect their game is transparent to most voters.

      The economy roaring is why they are in a panic.

  6. Xennady says:

    I had occasion to watch a few minutes of CBS news this morning. Aside from a brief mention of the Atlanta highway fire, every bit was about Russia, Russia, Russia, all in a breathless tone certain that there is a juicy Trump-ending scandal just beyond the horizon. Meanwhile, at saner places, I read about the significant legal trouble various leftist apparatchiks are in because of their law-breaking espionage aimed at the Trump campaign. Of course most of the GOP is busy hiding under a desk, as I also read Devin Nunes has been left twisting in the wind by his party, who will not be troubled with enforcing the law against their leftist masters.

    Thus, I will posit this: We are stuck in the political equivalent of that box that killed and did not kill Schrodinger’s unfortunate cat. In one eventuality the GOP leads the country to prosperity, enacting the best part of Trump’s agenda and cementing the party as the new governing establishment for the next few decades.

    In the other, the left succeeds in miring Trump in endless scandal, preventing any chance of his success, while also hammering the economy into depression with relentless rate hikes and other bureaucratic measures. Of course, Trump will be blamed for everything.

    Time will tell if our political cat lives, or doesn’t. Interesting times, as the saying goes.

  7. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    I have never bought into all this noise about Russia. It is the breathless screaming of the demented, who have no rational view – either of themselves or others. SJW’s are merely fascists/socialists/communists/racists run wild. It’s the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution writ American. If you look closely, you find that they have sway only in the media and at colleges – not at all surprising.

    I would propose that the clue to how we should be thinking is in BDB’s list. We need to get back to some rational view of our national interests. Anglosphere, Israel, Euros, Slavs are our cultural brothern, never mind Putin. I keep hearing he’s a thug. Not really any worse than what Russia has had historically for as long as we’ve been a nation, and better than a lot.

    I don’t really think ANY nation is SO friendly that we can cozy up and trust them. Nice to have good relations but trust is another thing. NATO is about as far as I’m willing to go, and even that seems to be perhaps less useful than it once was.

    And let’s not get sucked into some holy view of ourselves either. We’ve been bullies, cutthroat competitors, and dominants also. It is, actually, in the American nature. Look at history and you see severe competition economically – mostly the result of Puritan ethic and libertarianism. And nation-building and land clearing without remorse. Good bit of racism thrown in, too.

    OTOH globalism is more a Marxist type concept. As individuals compete in the local market nations compete in the global market, and blurring the lines/borders leads to things like EU, USSR, and China, which has USSR-type aspirations.

    Israel excepted, I don’t find the Mideast worth a tinker’s dam. Islam, OTOH, needs some serious consideration. We need to get over our squeamishness about attacking its underpinnings

  8. Xennady says:

    “We need to get over our squeamishness about attacking its underpinnings”


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