The War Is Now

The Short Version:

They are already coming for our guns.  Nevermind the fact that nobody is busting down doors.  This is the phase of a progressive operation where the farthest left beseeches the leadership to do something clearly unconstitutional.  Then the leadership strikes a “moderate” note halfway between what is constitutional and what is clearly unconstitutional.  This has the effect of eliciting a reasonable but easily lampooned reaction from the right, while soothing the tiny minds of the moderate middle, so that the leader’s actions look tame.

In fact, the media assault on our second amendment rights is part of the plan, and no matter what you hear on the news or see in a magazine, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  No amount of Supreme Court decisions can change the wording of the Constitution, and if words have meanings, then the meaning remains fixed.

Yet for those who argue that the second amendment refers only to muskets of the 18th century, I welcome a return to 18th century spending levels.

The upshot is that those of us who advocate increased civilian ownership of firearms are not being unreasonable in feeling that a new onslaught has begun.  Thelma and Louise sailing off the cliff felt fine until that Thunderbird hit the bottom. Until the government actually comes for our guns, all the registration and restrictions can be defended by saying “well nobody’s actually knocking on your door for the guns!”

Until they do, of course. Until they do.  Which is too late, and this is why it is completely reasonable to resist the tyrannic government NOW.  Because later is too late.  Therefore resist now.

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2 Responses to The War Is Now

  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Until the government is beaten into submission, it will continue to attempt to intrude and control lives in any way it can. For a long time we have simply acquiessed. It is time to stop that. Firearms are only ONE aspect of this.

  2. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    When speaking of weapons, it ought to be simply obvious that NO restrictions on ownership of firearms is constitutional. So there is no authority for the state to rule that felons are not allowed to own weapons. What laws should do is define with predictable punishment those things we as a people don’t want individuals to DO. Ownership of a firearm is a right. Misuse of said firearm has never been acceptable, and there has long been law against such.

    It is time to prune government back to its enumerated powers and take them out of the business of deciding what is “good” for us.

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