Shocked that various Republicans can’t won’t whatever see their way to drowning ObamaCare in a bathtub.
You don’t plan a replacement before you put out a house fire. You just put out the fire. But some people just want to see things burn.

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2 Responses to Shocked

  1. MLHMLH says:


    Let’s see, to put out the fire. . . we’ll pee on it!

  2. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    As Brent alluded to, once you’ve given people something, it becomes hard (for a politician) to remove it. This will take real leadership in order for appropriate change to take place.

    The Democrats will only move kicking and screaming. But now is the time to man up and take the hit; in 4 years when the next election is on the way, things will be much better and the Dems will be screwed – again.

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