Pardon My Lack of Outrage

I am sure somewhere on the interwebhinterland there is no shortage of neocenterrightwarmongering outrage at Mr. Putin’s letter to Mr. Trump that His Excellency (Putin’s words, not mine and the funniest thing I’ve read this month) released this morning.


There is a lot enamel gnashing, ash slathering, garment tearing, and hand wringing because Mr. Trump has not automatically singled out Russia as a sworn enemy. Rather, His Excellency has chosen Islam as a target of indignation. To date I am challenged to dispute this strategy. By last count Muslims have killed more Americans than the Russians have though the Chechen judge has yet to weigh in on scumbag team Tsarnev.

I am vintage 67 and grew up during the end of the cold ware where Russia = USSR = Bad. During my youth that was correct and addressed appropriately by President Reagan. President Reagan is rightly credited with helping the downfall of the USSR with few (any?) shots fired. How did our Hollywood President achieve such a feat? He defeated them economically.

That was a different time and different America. Two key factors differentiate then and now. Labor force participation rate and national debt:GDP

When Mr. Reagan took office our labor force participation rate was a lowly 64%. When he retired from office it had risen to 65.9%. Mr. Trump will take the office with this critical measure declining below 63%. The total debt to GDP when Mr. Reagan placed his hand on the Bible was 31%. Mr. Trump will take the solemn oath with the ratio greater than 100%. Mr. Trump’s America is not Mr. Reagan’s.

America remains a superpower for only two reasons: a prolific, but deteriorating nuclear arsenal and still the largest dollar denominated GDP on earth. The reality of our ability to project power globally is inhibited by the lack of productivity in our economy as a result of anemic labor participation and crippling debt:GDP ratio. Who won the election matters little. Nobody would have the resources available required to make a firm stand against a 2nd world nuclear superpower. We chose welfare and weakness over self reliance and superpower.

Pretending we are going toe to toe with Russia, China, or any other nuclear nation is a fool’s errand in our economic condition. We will be much better off trading with communists and tyrants than waging war against them.

Given the reality of our chosen condition I am having a hard time being outraged by this letter or His Excellency’s response. I am definitely having a laugh over ‘His Excellency’. So we have that going for us.


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12 Responses to Pardon My Lack of Outrage

  1. EThompson says:

    “To date I am challenged to dispute this strategy. By last count Muslims have killed more Americans than the Russians have though the Chechen judge has yet to weigh in on scumbag team Tsarnev.”

    I won’t even bother to comment on the rest of this post because this paragraph was so on the mark.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    There’s a pathology at work in the “How can you support Putin?!” strain of outrage. Our neuter liberal critics wish to neuter us, and cannot abide our grudging respect for a guy who still has a pair. Nobody ever wonders whether Putin is on Russia’s side.

  3. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    The Putin-mania amongst the neoconservatives is out of control.

    • EThompson says:

      Putin is ex-KGB and a stone cold killer but I’d prefer to deal with assassins/jihadists who present at this exact moment in time, a very direct threat to national security.

      Libs blow off Putin because he’s biding his time. I’m only suggesting we deal with the imminently direct threats now while looking over our shoulder at the USSR.

      Yes, I no longer refer to a regime under Putin as “Russia.”

  4. Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

    You may be surprised at the blinding speed of our economy’s recovery. Lotta pent up demand, and if transfer of offshore capital is facilitated, it will be even more rapid. Tighten your seat belt.

  5. EThompson says:

    One more comment on this very interesting post; I’m paraphrasing The D on his latest tweet: “Putin will work to get away with as much as he can so in some respects he’ll be easier to deal with because he is aware he’ll be facing both military stength and political savvy.”

    This was a respectful warning which leads me to my new nickname for our next leader – “The PP” for Pragmatist President.

    What a relief…

    The market agrees with me as well.

  6. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    ?Where have all these Russia worriers on the Left been these last 8 years.

    • EThompson says:

      Were there any worriers? Let’s be frank; the Soviet Union has changed in name only.

      Oligarchs continue to rule the economy and Ukraine and the Baltic states (sovereign nations, all) are in danger.

      Perhaps because of my extensive travel to Eastern Europe (including Ukraine where I sat in a stadium wearing an orange turtleneck) as I listened to George W. Bush support the success of the Orange Revolution in 2007, I come to this argument with a personal bias.

      I won’t forget the reactions of the native Ukrainians to my openly colorful support of their movement. I still get a little teary-eyed remembering the wonderful conversations I had with many citizens and the hope… really, the hope that they could establish a free life.

  7. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Sound assessment Brent.
    It irks me the sudden warhawks who have emerged and want to poke the bear over hacking. If we are not hacking them at the same level of intensity what are all those billions of dollars going to on intelligence services? And why is the Washington Post suddenly on the intelligence draft report distribution lists? Did they promise free prime memberships to the CIA?

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