NR Begging for Cash

Did anybody else get this? Mail from National Review begging for money to upgrade their website.
They sent a tasteful and self-deprecating goofy e-mail, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is not how grown-ups run things.

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10 Responses to NR Begging for Cash

  1. MLHMLH says:

    I haven’t read the site since they upgraded it to the mess that it is. I also never renewed my print subscription.

  2. NandaNanda says:

    I don’t subscribe, either, but the malady seems contagious…

  3. EThompson says:

    I actually do subscribe but Rich Lowry is no WFB.

    WFB would have supported Trump because he always believed in voting for the Republican who could win. I wish he were still alive because I would have loved to read his analysis on election 2016. ):

  4. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    Don’t read it, don’t plan to start. Seems more an exercise in faux conservative mental masturbation that spawned a 2nd rate step child and not much more.

    • EThompson says:

      I don’t blame you. I started my subscription in the late 80s after I became a taxpayer in NYC.

      After “Cristo” voted for Obama twice, I lost some serious enthusiasm but I can’t quite abandon the original principles of William and Priscilla.

      Je les adore.

  5. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    These days, NR is but a shadow of its former self.

    • EThompson says:

      Sadly, so true and if any of you have read the history of Bill passing the baton, you will find his fatal flaw: He admired youth and dismissed John O’Sullivan who went on to become an adviser to Thatcher.

  6. Vald the MisspellerVald the Misspeller says:

    NRO is on my “do not resuscitate” list along with Hot Air, Townhall, Red State and several other sites that devolved into NeverTrump bitch-fests over the past year.

  7. Damocles says:

    Subscribed to NR for many years. Sad to see its current state.

    BTW hello from a Ricochet link!

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