Delegitimizing The Election

Perhaps it’s a fringe effort. perhaps it doesn’t really represent mainstream democrats. Call me paranoid.

But I see a steady and concerted effort to somehow overthrow the results of the last election. One approach has been the so-called Jefferson group calling upon the Electoral College delegates to change their vote. The actual change in how a delegate voted in the EC has only happened some 29 times in our whole history. Yet they are asking at least 30-some delegates to change their vote. AND apparently some delegates are acting badly, asking they be “briefed” on Russian hacking.

Which of course brings us to the second point – Russian hacking. I would not doubt that the Russians, among others, have hacked or attempted to hack, our computer systems. Indeed, IIRC, there is real evidence that Hillary’s “server” was hacked by numerous intelligence agencies. But “influencing” our elections is total BS. Aside from the fact Jullien Assange has claimed his info came from a disgruntled insider in Hillary’s camp, nothing that was released was, or even now is, claimed as untrue. So while the DNC may want to improve their cyber-security, the truth of the “releases” has not been disputed.

“Dirty Tricks” has long been a stock-in-trade of the democrat party. Indeed, one need only look at Obama’s first run for office in Illinois. He was WAY behind – until suddenly, right at the end, sealed court documents about his opponent’s divorce were released to the press. No one then seemed “worried” nor made any fuss, although one has to grant that people have simply come to believe such dirty tricks are part of the usual actions of the Chicago machine. So now suddenly we are to believe the democrats have been lilly-white and are outraged to see their dirty laundry out in the open.

Then there is the whole question of why the Russians would do something so patently NOT in their national interest. Putin has set himself and Russia up as opponents of the West. Some of this plays out as games with natural gas and oil. Some as strongman tactics such as taking Georgia and parts of Ukraine. Undoubtedly the most recent Chinese act of taking an unmanned underwater vessel of ours has been inspired by the feckless stand this administration has taken these, lo, eight years. But such acts would undoubtedly have better results – for the opposition – with Hillary as president. Putin may know Trump but he’s way too wily a character to allow such to interfer with decision making.

Finally we come to all the braying and moaning before the election about how Trump said he would look at the results and how he needs to accept the results, that that is the way a democracy works (we’re not one – yet – but unfortunately moving that way), that smooth transition of power is how we do things. Except when they lose.

All this just proves democrats are feckless, unAmerrican, low-life’s.

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  1. MLHMLH says:

    VDH and R Epstein have good comments on this on their (Hoover Inst) podcasts.

  2. EThompson says:

    Memories… 2000 Bush/Gore election.

    We survived that one and we will survive 2016 because the current President-elect is, very simply, one tough dude who isn’t the least afraid of taking on heavy incoming and isn’t the least bit intimidated by ex-KGB thug Vladimir Putin.

    Trump also has a peculiar understanding of the American character; that, in fact, more of us than not are with him and want to make it possible to take back our hard-earned money that has been hijacked by the Democrats and the Republican pols who haven’t a clue about the economy and the severe ramifications of a $20 trillion dollar debt. I flagrantly admire the fact that Trump has fought through several bankruptcies and came out ahead of the game.

    He’s the perfect man for the job.

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    You may be right, ET, but many a man (woman) has gone to DC with high moral standards, only to be subsumed by the city and culture – and the power. It will take an exceptionally firm person to NOT fall for the siren song. Meanwhile the dems are up to their old tricks, only worse than usual.

    OTOH I think all this posturing and noise may well work against them. We already know just what a bunch of bums they are, so perhaps this posturing will only go to make them look worse.

    But luck is a feckless lady. They may get away with all this. They shouldn’t, but they might. They have a long history of sleazing out, and the republican pols in DC don’t seem the type to clean house. SOMEWHERE there has to be honest, American democrats, but they are no where to be seen.

    • EThompson says:

      Here’s the thing, D! You continue to refer to “moral” standards and I agree that those types of standards are open to interpretation and can often dissipate.

      What I like about Trump:

      He is no ideologue! A Democrat friend (now adversary) recently asked me to put a “label” on him. My answer was that he is not a social conservative, libertarian, or neocon. He is most often (but not always) a Fi-Con but in reality, he is no Dem/Rep/Ind but is his own fourth party- a Pragmatist who despises debt.

  4. EThompson says:

    P.S. And weakness.

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Beware of “labels”! It’s the favorite liberal thing.

  6. EThompson says:

    That we both agree upon!

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