Bra Holster Mishap Kills One, Hazards Many

A woman accidentally shot herself, fatally, although she took a full day to die, when she couldn’t adjust her bra holster the way she wanted. This was likely a “Flashbang” brand holster, which is a good product. It fits into women’s carry options in a way that men A) don’t need and B) can’t pull off anyway. Even for concealed carry, guns show through the clothing, or “print” hard on women, who are typically smaller, curvier, and less likely to have unremarkable baggy clothes options. Speaking broadly and frankly, if a man’s pants fit funny, nobody cares.
Check out some of the videos for “Flashbang holster.”  Any product can be used in an unsafe manner.  Flashbangs are still better than a lot of the cheap crap that supposedly knowledgeable men sport on their blocky hips.
If the design needs improvement, Flashbang sounds like the kind of company that’s already on it. I think that the Flashbang style of holster is in itself an important contribution to the safety of women. I would hate to see this whole idea stigmatized. Just think of appendix carry, men, and remember that we all have to know what we’re doing. Without that, no product can be used safely.

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4 Responses to Bra Holster Mishap Kills One, Hazards Many

  1. MLHMLH says:

    I have a friend, former sniper then CHP officer/firearms trainer, who thinks I need to carry when I go running. Doesn’t look like this works with a sport bra.

  2. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Fanny pack, MLH. Specially made to carry, even with a reload.

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