Meet The White Party

Good article in Roll Call, describing the soup that the Democrats have landed in.  And that ain’t soup, baby.

Democrats in rural America have a blunt message for the rest of their party: We saw the electoral disaster coming — and it’s your fault.

For now I’ll brush past the obvious snide rejoinders about the media treating this nascent “Tea Party” quite different from the way it treated ours, and I’ll even bunt the title thrust here, which is that this party is likely to be far more white than the Tea Party is.  Media interest not anticipated — fine.

I feel for these people because many of us basically were these people but for a few (major) differences and several years.  I remember how I felt in 2008.  I especially recall how I felt in 2012!  I could understand Obama winning an election — I could neither fathom nor stomach his re-election.  I can forgive ignorance, but the second one seemed like malice, as of course it was.  ferg The Democratic Party has been on a rampage against the sort of people who infest the rural areas, the farmers, non-liberation theology Christians, parents, people who still think Cosmo is trashy, and all that ilk.  You know — largely conservative people who vote democrat.  Blue dogs.  Reagan Democrats.

Well, how did one Donald J. Trump (R – Blowhard) manage to outsmart the pro politicians, the consultants, the pundits, the critical race theorists, welfare-unionists, and cultural Marxists?  Well it is a total mystery to the leading luminaries of the GOP, it seems.  Yet it is not subtle.  It is a bullhorn, wrapped in a freight train, inside a tsunami.  Trump told the truth to the American people, for the plain consumption of the American people, as felt by the American people.

Despite all of his small-fingered awkwardness, he is the President most comfortable and most wiling to speak to Americans as such since Ronald Reagan, and may become as magnificent a figure as Lincoln for very similar reasons.  Lincoln gave great speeches before being elected President, but they were not well regarded in his time, and one of them was a conspiracy theory about the three branches of government working to subvert the function of the Constitution to govern against the will of the people.  This “House Divided” speech launched his failed attempt to unseat Senator Douglas (D – Slavery).  Lincoln was mocked and derided as a monkey, an idiot, a bumpkin, a dirty, ugly, unkempt man, a fickle coward unfit to serve, incapable of organizing a meeting much less running a country.  None of this makes Trump great again.  It doesn’t even make him fit for office.  But Americans determine what that fitness shall be, not the elites of anything.

Americans are a largely acquiescent people except when provoked.  If the Marxist agitators of Ferguson and Baltimore, the racist terrorists of La Raza and the ISM, the fifth columnists who support importing terror-laced “refugees” and who oppose controlling our borders think they have been provoked, they need only wait.

Meanwhile, the media will try not to notice  that the exact same thing happening to the Democrats already happened to the always one-step ahead Republicans.  Wait until the thought begins to settle on people that the Tea Party was quite legitimate, and pre-figured the Democrat version by a good six to eight years, depending.  Wait for the dawning awareness that a majority of each major party wants the country to move in a more conservative direction.

When you start hearing about how the democrat rural rump is a bunch of homeless white supremacists, you’ll know the panic has set in.

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  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Heh! I was driving in the night in the absolute middle of Nebraska, on my way to a Marine friend’s house to go pheasant hunting during the election. I tuned in FOX about 7P MCT and heard the obvious confusion in the ranks about what was happening.

    The obvious incredulity, the confusion, the mass hysteria was SO much fun to see. The concept that only liberals are patriots is insulting. Trump seems to be picking neither republicans nor democrats – he’s picking winners.

  2. zanluke says:

    Interesting the emphasis on showing up. Maybe they should check with the GOPe. Obviously showing up is a first step, but the elite carry this notion that they have the message and the bumpkins need to pay attention. My hope is that we have turned this around to show the elites that they have this backwards, that government must listen to the people to be legitimate.

  3. EThompson says:

    “Well, how did one Donald J. Trump (R – Blowhard) manage to outsmart the pro politicians, the consultants, the pundits, the critical race theorists, welfare-unionists, and cultural Marxists?”

    Here’s how:
    He said everything people were really thinking but were too intimidated to voice.

    As an aside, this Floridian began the GOP primary as a Rubio supporter and after the first debate I switched my allegiance to Trump. I am an ex-New Yawker as well and he simply began to resonate with me.

    Interestingly, the Democrats think they lost the election because they lost the blue collar vote. This is true but they also lost the hard-working upper middle class voter who is sick and tired of paying the bills for everyone else.

    • AdministratorAdministrator says:

      Yeah, that question is kind of left hanging after some surgery to remove the answer, which I had phrased in terms boring, repetitious, and tense.

  4. EThompson says:


    It’s not just about the loss of jobs; it is about the loss of income due to taxation inflation.

    In 2016, I’ve endured massive estate taxes (35%) in addition to a “debt reduction” tax imposed on all companies doing business in the state of California.
    I had a good year in the market and sold my house for a nice profit and I’ve been slammed with capital gains taxes as well.

    As my hero from the 1976 movie Network, Howard Beale once exclaimed,

    • DevereauxDevereaux says:

      You should look to possibly relocate your business to Dallas. Lots of sports fans there (although they tend to be rather rabid Cowboys fans) and no income tax.

      Since you already live somewhere else, it might work.

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    So we have the Bill Whittle speech, the Rush Limbaugh speech, and this article – and they ALL say no one has been willing to say Voldemort. Well, like Harry Potter, Trump did.

  6. EThompson says:

    Would love to relocate my biz to TX as my flight to John Wayne makes an initial stop at DFW airport. The annoying reality is that CA still attracts an enormous intra and international crowd which allows me to do whatever I want with my business.

    Latest web site orders came from customers living in Finland, Canada, Czech Republic and Kansas City who had been in my brick and mortars.

    Best selling NHL jerseys in my SoCal stores? Wings #9 Howe and the Original Six. Best selling MLB jersey? The NYY pinstripe. Best selling NFL jersey? Da Bears. (Also, the LA Rams but less so since they re-located; go figure!)

    It really is a lot of fun although the commute is a tad inconvenient.

  7. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    It appears the Chargers might soon be moving to LA as well. Better stock up on their stuff too, Liz! :-)

  8. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    And for the record, Peggy Noonan has been calling the plays in real time as well.

    • BrentB67BrentB67 says:

      Ms. Noonan has done a good job of highlighting the GOP’s inability to learn anything from Mr. Trump’s success.

    • BrentB67BrentB67 says:

      Ms. Noonan has done a good job of highlighting the GOP’s inability to learn anything from Mr. Trump’s success.

      • EThompson says:

        Too bad she and Christopher Buckley voted for Obama not once, but twice.

        Both of these chameleons have zero credibility with me after that 8 year debacle.

  9. EThompson says:

    Good point Mikey but the Chargers have always been important to us: great colors and design of uniform.

    I love the idea of two teams in LA; NYC and Chicago have managed to support this so why not the second most populous city in the country?

    LA has done more for the NHL in the past couple years to expand the fan base for hockey. It is now cooler to have seats on the ice than on the court in Staples!

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