Get What You Give

Here’s a heck of a song just in time for the, uh … it was 1998 when this came out.  So never mind that.  The lyrics are surprisingly terrible, by which I mean wonderful.   It’s Meet the New Boss meets a touch of the old ultra-violence, eh?  Bolshii.

Regardless of the band’s actual political leaning (I suspect sadly that they are uniformly leftist dolts, saddled with a surplus of talent to burn off before drying out a never shutting up), there’s a message here besides the offer of violence in exchange for profitable and bourgeois falsity.

I’m not displeased with Trump’s picks for this and that.  I know how to take Yes for an answer.  Even if he filled the whole thing with establishment shilss from here on out, what am I going to do — complain that he should have lost to Jebbang if he were going to act like this?  The key point is that he hasn’t even started acting.  He can put in all the Romney (nice man, will be good to see him in public) and whomever else he wants, and he will still be Donald J (Jillionaire) Trump the President who don’t give a Fluke, with the windows down and the stereo up.

Ah, but we have you now, Ball Diamond Ball, you fickle half-assed hater!  What about all of this “gouge out the eyes of the #NeverTrump” stuff, and now suddenly making a separate peace (how Vichy!) with the very demons haunting the crankcase of American politics?   Not necessarily.  argumentI have said before that Trump has a duty to put the thing together and make it work.  If he wants to stack it with clones, that’s his business, but he won’t get anything done.  To borrow some of the shrill flatus from across the street, that would be GUARANTEED SUICIDE, THE END OF THE PARTY, THE DEATH OF THE GOP, THE END OF THE REPUBLIC and so forth.  That is, I think it would turn out poorly.  And it’s not as though he made promises about position, to my knowledge.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  Nobody will call you a Nazi (but don’t mention the war)!  You see, it is not my duty to put a coalition together.  That is Der Fue– Der Feur– Da Furrier’s responsibility.  Every coalition needs its door-kickers (I have never kicked a door).  Modern politics will continue to need its mean assholes, its argumentative jerks, its unreconstructed fellows who just can’t seem to get along with every darned ray of progressive sunshine that they meet.

Like those guys from that one song that we were tlking about just a minute ago.  I mean, that’s a toe-tapper.  And it ends like this:

Health insurance, rip-off lying
FDA, big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they’re multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson,
Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
You’re all fakes, run to your mansions
Come around, we’ll kick your ass in

All we are saying is give war a chance.


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  1. NandaNanda says:

    As long as he’s not playing ‘toy soldiers’ and talking about kissing – uh, I meant kicking – ass: okey-dokey. Thanks for SOTD.

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