Tiffany Trump: how much will we see her?

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OK so I assume you all know who I am. And so you all know my history of arguing about the importance of marriage and the family structure. So let me apply some of that to the Trump family. I have made a prediction about Tiffany Trump to myself, and I thought I’d share it with you here. I silently predicted a while ago that we would see much less of her than the other children. I know that she gave the RNC speech, but we haven’t seen much else of her, certainly not as much as the others. Here is why I think that is, and why it will continue to be. I made a diagram to show what I mean, but it is a bit complex so I’ll explain it too.

Donald Trump's family structure

Donald Trump’s family structure

Trump’s kids’ family structure

First he was married to Ivana, and they have three children together: DT jr, Ivanka, and Eric. These three are full blooded siblings. They are the only children of his who are full blooded. Then he had the affair with Marla Maples and divorced Ivana. Marla became pregnant with Tiffany, and they got married after Tiffany was born. They divorced about six years later, I believe. Tiffany is a half blooded sibling with the other three. Next is Melania, he married her and they have one son together, Baron. Baron and Tiffany and the first three are half siblings (same dad, different mothers), bu the first three are all full blooded.

Three distinct sub-families

What all of this means is that there are three distinct sub-families among DT’s children, but these sub-families are not equal. There are three mothers, two who of whom are out of the political picture. The first mother is out of the picture because of the affair and the divorce, but nonetheless those kids are a distinct “block,” in a manner of speaking since they are full blooded. The next distinct “block” is the intact family of Baron and his married parents. The weakest “block” is Tiffany. She has no full blooded siblings, her mother is out of the picture and so she’s not part of a triad.

I think we won’t see as much of Tiffany because she has no full blooded siblings (unlike the first three children), and her mother is out of the picture so she’s not part of a family triad (unlike Baron). I have no evidence of this, but I do wonder too if Trump has any shame associated with Tiffany since she was conceived as part of a marital affair.

Having said all that, I did find one story published two days ago that said Tiffany was moving into the White House in January with her dad. However, I was unable to confirm the story’s source, nor could I find corroborating stories.

So we shall see how it all plays out with her. I suspect we will see significantly less of her than we do the other children. Here are some other stories talking about how Tiffany is the odd man out:




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8 Responses to Tiffany Trump: how much will we see her?

  1. EThompson says:

    You made me laugh at the reference to Jan Brady! I wish the best for Tiffany but I fear she will always be compared to icon Ivanka and I’m convinced it is about the status of the mothers. In any case, one could have it worse than TT!

  2. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    My guess is that President Trump will make enough news on Twitter that the media will mostly forget about his children other than those running his empire.

  3. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    I hope to see quite a bit more of Tiffany.

  4. EThompson says:

    @MLR: I certainly hope to see more of Eric. Attn: Cougar alert! :)

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