Musings On The Cirque Des Fous

If you look at my bio, you will see I list myself as a “Heinlein American”. I grew up cutting my teeth on Robert Heinlein’s juvenile Sci Fi and went on to read nearly everything he wrote. He too came from a 1930-40s progressive background and evolved considerably rightward as time went on and progressives abandoned many things he held dear.

One of his books which scared me sleepless when I was eight was “The Puppet Masters”, a solid exploration of the mind controlling alien invasion theme.

Normal, everyday people were one by one helpless slaves to the alien presence.

At eight, thinking  your parent s could become someone they were not was the thing of sleepless nights. Later in life I met children of addicts who actually saw it happen to them.

This piece constitutes  some musings of a Heinlein American curmudgeon on the fight many of us find is happening all around us in what had been a civil society.

Observational Musings:

  1. We live in the end result of forty years of information war. A large percentage of the population has been living in a morass of accused racism, homophobia, islamophobia, white supremacy, misogyny, intolerance fear with language control in the form of PC. The progressives have moved from their old technique of optimism to a never ending series of THINGS YOU MUST NOT BE. The list is so long now the wheels are coming off their model of persuasion.
  2. The people you encounter  are not rational in this area. The programming is well embedded at their emotional core, deep below critical thinking and intellect.
  3. Our hope is the immune, the uninfected, the street wise minorities and the young. Those infected are far gone. To change will require a self-discovery of their basic identity.
  4. This battle will shape up to be as futile and messy as the European religious wars of the reformation era. Look up the Thirty Years War if you have the courage.
  5. Progressivism offers the promise those of little skill to get rich- diversity, media, scribblers, public employees, like a religious power base employs the faithful over the useful. Many people barely capable of serving coffee have good paying jobs as diversity counselors, media pundits and community outreach monitors. Fear of a society where actual useful stuff is rewarded creates massive fear reaction and even cases of hives in the faithful but useless.
  6. Progressives message to the financially comfortable is “Do not be a (racist, homophobe, sexist…….ad nauseum) and you shall be part of the elite. Their message to the uncomfortable is “You are uncomfortable because of the (racism, sexism … nauseum) of those others.
  7. Conservatives message to the financially comfortable has been “You are smarter and your ideas are better, be happy with superior ideas. We will win someday”. Their message to the uncomfortable has been “Too bad you are a loser, go away you obsolete people”
  8. Progressives offer a secular theology. Global Warming is the threat of Hell on Earth , paying for the sins of man. The heaven is a world free of (racism, sexism…….ad nauseum) where we all get along and are comfortable. Do not overlook the need for a theology in a secular world.
  9. Conservatives offer a philosophy but no theology. It is a belief in the individual. People are tribal, have been since we hunted in packs and gathered for mutual protection. Conservatism offers no theology, no community. It is a partial bundle, needing to be connected to other things like religion and nation. Progressivism is the whole package.
  10. Progressivism is emotional at its core in appeal. Conservatism as presented to the public is intellectual. It functions best when coupled with a tribal, emotional appeal like nationalism. (See 1980, 2016). Progressivism is most successful when coupled with nationalism (See 1932,1936,1940,1944,1948,1964, 1968)
    1. Progressive defines the moral person
    2. Conservatism defines the intellectual person
    3. Nationalism and Globalism are emotionally driven concepts. Both can pair with Progressivism or Conservatism.

Musings on going forward:


  1. Brace yourself for a very long information and emotional struggle. The infection of emotional progressivism is wrapped around the brainstems of a lot of people.
  2. Use the opportunities in front of us.
    1. The young. The first generation where their prospects are truly worse than their parents are waiting for their prosperity. Deliver it at all cost. The side that does this will grab their hearts and minds for their lives.
    2. There are emotional progressives – the comfortable. There are also transactional progressives- the poor, minority working class and lower middle class. Their allegiance to the cause is not emotional as much as pragmatic, with the exception of their comfortable college social justice majors. Transactional progressives need communications and demonstration of delivery.
    3. Progressives used to own Optimism when they were Nationalist Progressives. Nationalist Conservatives can now own Optimism again.


End musings:

  1. Talking to the emotional progressives will be counter-productive.       The winning strategy is continuing to talk to the faithful, the hopeful, the young and the minorities and deliver a few visible, tangible goods. Ignore the media. Make sure the media report anything you say after it has been seen on every smartphone and tablet through your tweets, streams and apps.
  2. Promise bold things without a thousand qualifiers. Successful leadership is more like a love letter than a series of disclaimers.   Imaging the success rate of “I will love you forever” followed by “In this case, the use of ‘forever’ is not to be construed as eternal, but an expression of passion at the time” in fine print. Good luck with that.

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9 Responses to Musings On The Cirque Des Fous

  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    I think perhaps the younger set has already noted the weakness and fallacy in progressivism. I note most of my children’s friends are clearly trending conservative. They have noted the silliness of the progressive claims, the lack of work from all their governmental intrusion, and the fact not much of what is espoused by the Left makes much sense.

    Doesn’t mean straightening things out will be easy or painless.

  2. EThompson says:

    Hi Devereaux;

    Had to repeat a ludicrous story about my 19 year-old nephew who has always been the apple of Aunt Liz’ eye.

    Recently talking to my brother (Hollywood writer) and he was lamenting about his middle kid:

    “I just don’t know where he comes from! He’s highly hostile toward and suspicious toward Muslims. How did I raise a religious bigot? Where did we (wife was a bundler for BHO) go wrong?”

    I just laughed and laughed; I knew he was my favorite from the very beginning for a damn good reason. :)

    • NandaNanda says:

      To say that conservatism is without a “civic theology” may not be strictly true: “Rugged individualism”, “manifest destiny” and “exceptionalism” are all “civic theology/civil religion”, too. And I’ve heard the Declaration of and Constitution described as “sacred documents” recently. (I don’t disagree with any of these assumptions, I just don’t think the phenomenon is confined to/codified in progressivism alone.)

  3. EThompson says:

    It’s not there, MLH!

  4. NandaNanda says:

    Tried, still can’t edit. I’ll type carefully.

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