Never NeverTrump

The innkeeper of this establishment is paying me a sinful amount of money to generate world class content and to date I’ve been remiss in my duties. My apologies all.

With the election put to bed everywhere except Wisconsin where the lovely and talented Dr. Jill Stein has lost what’s left of her mind and tricked endless snowflakes into funding a boondoggle that will no doubt reveal an even larger margin of victory for President Elect Trump it is time to call out some bullshit for what it is.

Side Note: I would consider it a tremendous favor from any of our esteemed colleagues at this last outpost on the right if one of you would be so kind as to direct me to the portion of the Constitution that established ‘President-elect’ as some kind of meaningful office. Protip: If/when Donald J. Trump descends into Dallas Texas aboard the T-Bird to humbly ask for my leadership of the Council of Economic Advisors I will address him as Mr. Trump since there is no such efffing thing as ‘President-elect’.

Back to bidness: There is not now, nor was there ever such a thing as a bowel movement called NeverTrump. This whole hashtag heroism charade is a manufactured groundswell of butt hurt big government progressives masquerading under the banner ‘center right’ that didn’t get their wish for Senator Marco Rubio to ascend the spending/debt throne that now passes as contemporary ‘conservative’ governance that is hard, if not impossible, to distinguish from the ashes of 1970’s Carter Democrats.

My thesis is verified by the vacuous conduct of what is left of the hashtag heroes (#NeverTrump) and their complete inability to articulate so much as a sentence of coherent though about why Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office and assume the duties of the 45th President of the United States.

If there was a coherent argument, and there most surely is not, then there could be a meaningful debrief of how/what/why/where went wrong. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the argument, its presentation, follow on dialogue, etc. However, there is not. To date the best I’ve read is that a meteor will crash through earth between now and inauguration day because there is an audio tape of Mr. Trump saying something to another man that is as bad or worse than what many of us (full disclosure: I am a card carrying member of the species that pees standing up and is challenged to hold a conversation for more than 6-9 minutes without saying a four letter word that will earn me a swat upside the brain from Nanda) have said. So there you have it or something like that. Then of course there is the recent discovery that our next president holds a majority interest in a chain of upscale international hotels that until last week went largely unnoticed regardless of the fact that his name is lit up across the top four effing stories of the damn buildings, but again I digress.

I recall the debate, believe it was New Hampshire, where young Marco Rubio, he of the classic neocon only way to grow the economy is to suppress nominal wages via copious imports of illegal labor willing to flout minimum wage laws. Previously we’ve identified Keynesians, Monetarist, Austrian, and Communist schools of economics and to that Republicans partnered with stand up legislator Chuck Shumer to author the school of Dumbassery and trot out their pied piper Master Rubio. After Donald J. Trump turned Marco Rubio over his knee at debate the following day Twitter, the high minded literary bastion of democracy everywhere, sprang to life and the #AlwaysRubio #NeverTrump hashtag heroes rallied their 14o character muskets to the clarion call of big government under different management.

Along the way #AlwaysRubio was dropped shortly after he shined his Cuban ass at a rally in Dallas that he later had to apologize to his children on national television for his conduct. Well played future Mr. President. So that left the bastards of big government with #NeverTrump. Fine.

So questions were posed to the hashtag heroes: What does ‘NeverTrump’ mean. Always came the witty rejoinder: It means never Trump. Being the dashingly handsome intellectually curious man of mystery that I am I began researching sample ballots and was challenged to find one that said “Punch this box if you are voting against Donald J. Trump”.  I returned to the dock and pressed the question: “If you are not voting for Donald Trump, who are you voting for?” since that seems to be a thing amongst ballot authors.

Then came the puzzling response: “We are not voting for Trump to preserve conservatism”. Whew, that was close. I am so thankful that the same crew that supported No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Common Core, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, The Patriot Act, Citizen Monitoring, and endless debt ceiling debacles have suddenly decided to stretch their conservative bonafides. God save the Republic and what have you.

The idiocy of this is exceeded only by its hypocrisy. The goal of NeverTrump was never NeverTrump (feel free to break out some scratch paper and a #2 pencil and keep score of that phrase). Rubio was the one, the absolute one. Handsome, articulate, humorous, great immigrant story, and it helped that his Dad didn’t kill JFK. Rubio was the one that could sneak in under the cover of contemporary conservatism and together with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan cement in place forever the debt fueled federal welfare state and realize Swami Karl Rove’s dream of durable Republican Dynasty by getting credit for hooking what few people were not yet dependent on the federal government hooked on whatever benefit they could dream up funded in the short term by the Federal Reserve and in perpetuity by our grandchildren at the altar of 2% fiat currency manufactured inflation.

The fear of the big government under different management crowd is that Donald Trump may accidentally do some of the things he said to gin up applause across the country. What if he actually changed some things or didn’t kowtow to the media or chamber of commerce? WTF then Batman?

Well, we are about to find out . To date I am only marginally more impressed with Trump than I am with NeverTrump. For someone that ginned up endless applause about making education local WTF do you even bother to appoint a Secretary of Education. You want it local? Close the federal bureaucracy. Why is Dr. Carson being considered for HUD instead of drafting the legislation that repeals that office of social justice warrior welfare?

There are only so many hours in the day and they are wasted lamenting what will become of NeverTrump. Do not spend your time. They are not spending theirs worrying about Mr. Trump, but mostly rejoicing that Master Rubio was elected to ride again and Comprehensive Immigration Reform was not killed in the House, it was merely tabled.


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11 Responses to Never NeverTrump

  1. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Huzzah! There’ll be a little something extra in your check this month.
    I agree with you on the dishonest nature of most of the #NeverTrump loser. Like rebels without a cause, these traitors without an alternative dug in and did as much damage as they could. The reason I still find it worthwhile to show them up, to waste my breath howling at them, is that they haven’t gone anywhere. They’ll be right back in their chairs at the next meeting, and we’ll still be sitting outside. That’s fine for our part — that’s what being an insurgent force *within* a party is like, even when you win, and we DID win — but they enjoy the blessing of the progressives in that they never have to apologize, never admit error, never ask to be let back in. They just say that they find the whole thing boring, tedious, and repetitious, and that it’s all in the past anyway, and it is not “helpful”, does not “move the conversation forward” to remind them of where they were and how foul they were a day or a week or a month ago.
    They smile and go about their business, the busy imperturbable little termites of the apocalypse, gnawing away unbothered, undeterred from their destruction of the greatest, most liberty-loving political party that the world has ever generated.

    I lost my fight to save Ricochet. I said several times that the reason I came back was to try to reclaim the term conservative, which I felt they were devaluing by dilution. I tried to work within the system, to move the conservative goalpost onto firm ground. Now the whole place has been co-opted by libertarians. Their “conservatives” are people like Claire, and God love him, Peter Robinson. I honestly think that if he spent more time on the site, he would sell his interest.

    • NandaNanda says:

      I find Mr. Robinson increasingly voiceless/ignored in his own house…Unless he conflates DJT & PP Francis like a frat boy – and moderators, so-called – pile on…If G. McV., ST, and Skip were here exclusively – even close to that – I’d be so happy. You’d see Panda-monium!

  2. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    I don’t agree with the libertarian angle on this. If the #AlwaysRubio crowd is libertarian they are doing it wrong. There was nothing about Rubio’s big government Republican agenda that appeared at all consistent with Libertarian priorities or perhaps I am clueless about what Libertarian means (a distinct possibility).

    The hypocrisy to me lies in the love affair with central government intervention via targeted tax credits, expanding bureaucracy, and wholly unrealistic grow our way out of debt assumptions while waging wars of choice around the world that now passes as contemporary conservatism.

  3. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    They’re the ones who call themselves libertarian. It’s nothing to me, except that their M.O. is the same as the Ron Paul libertarians in 2012. Same people — same internet social termite M.O. They don;t build — they take things over.

  4. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    I don’t see the overlap. Here in Texas many of Trump’s supporters were/are Ron Paul supporters.

    AlwaysRubio seemed to be fashioned almost exclusively from remnants of both Bush admins and spawned of Dick Cheney ‘deficits do not matter’.

    Of course always Rubio wanted Tea Party street cred, but then conveniently forgot how he stabbed the Tea Party in the back with knife Chuck Shumer’s drawer.

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    One sign of the growing central government intrusion is the Secret Service. It is now the sign of “having made it” – sort of like the old royal robes and crown.

    Initially the SS (what unfortunate initials) was there to guard the president. This task has morphed into a huge cohort guarding what ought to be another American who has been elected to lead an administrative wing of a democratic republic. Instead now everything is shut down, there is a battalion of “agents” alert for the latest threat (like the pregnant lady who got lost and ended up by the WH where she lost her life because ,,,, well, because.), the airways are shut down when AF1 flies. Not only is the current president “guarded” but so is the Speaker, the Majority Leader from the Senate, and the “other side” – the minority leaders.

    Then there are all the past presidents. ?Who cares. ?Who exactly is going to go after old men who are no longer in power – ever. If you ask the SS, there are always “credible threats” out there. ?But where. ?How is it that’s a threat. ?Why is a threat to ANY American not watched so closely that he can’t cut wind in a closet without the network knowing. Once upon a time we had law enforcement officers doing old fashioned police work. Now we have TSA thugs pawing through out stuff, patting our genitals, and generally being unconstitutional – “for our safety”.

    Please! Let me carry my Sig 229 in .357 Sig with 2 spare mags, and I’ll feel as safe as I need. PROFILE, for goodness sake! It’s the heart of good police work. And strip the weenies of their protective agents. No more Royal Guard.

  6. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    It is a pleasure to read you again. I always assumed to #Nevers were the restoration of the monarchy group for the GOP.

    • BrentB67BrentB67 says:

      Thank you TKC1101. We are of like mind on this issue.

      This election was going to be like shooting fish in a barrel to reinstate the big government GOP and Trump ruined the party.

  7. JJJJ says:

    A couple of my Facebook friends are NeverTrumpers. They’re still VERY negative about Trump and it’s getting annoying. I care about both of them a lot, but I had to unfollow (though not unfriend) one of them because the hysteria was just too much. Both are Cruz fans.

    • BrentB67BrentB67 says:

      That is interesting. Most of the Cruz fans I know – I voted for him in our primary – were among the more enthusiastic to embrace Trump after Ted Cruz dropped out.

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