Jan, JohnnyF

are you real people?

Survey says!

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16 Responses to Jan, JohnnyF

  1. EThompsonEThompson says:

    As an aside, BDB, could you advise how to edit comments on your site? I have 3 computers going at once in my office because of the market and I have the tendency to be less than careful about my spelling.

    Pls advise.

  2. MLHMLH says:

    My guess: J – no; Johnny F – yes (member at R> since 2013 per the profile with the same name).

  3. JohnnyF says:

    JohnnyF here. Yes, real person heard about this site in a R> comment and was curious. Hope I am not intruding.

    • MLHMLH says:

      This site has a history of getting a lot bots so, if your email address looks a little suspicious, Ball’s taken to asking.

      He should be around later to upgrade you so that you can write posts and forums and see private conversations.


    • NandaNanda says:

      Howdy, JohnnyF! Welcome aboard!

  4. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    Jan is real. She often likes my comments at Ricochet.


  5. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    I’ll upgrade the lot of you.

  6. JohnnyF says:

    Thank you. Good to be here.

  7. Xennady says:

    I’m not real, and you can’t make me.

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