Not talking football here, or political posturing. I’m talking 2A! The ultimate defense. The last of the “boxes” – soap, ballot, cartridge.

So here’s a longish article by a guy who once made his living teaching self-defense, aimed at all the “liberals” who now are “terrified”. You will find humour in it, and some good advise if you aren’t already a “gun-totin’ heavy”. My personal favorite was the “LGBTWTFBBQ”.

A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership

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7 Responses to DEFENSE!

  1. NandaNanda says:

    Make mine pepper spray; still working on getting up to those throwing stars, Dev.

  2. Xennady says:

    Just my opinion of course, but if you haven’t read Larry Correia’s mockery of pc leftists you’ve been missing out.

    On his homepage, best of MHN, scroll down to Politics, Fisking, and Idiot Trolls

    Edited, by MLH to add this link.

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