A Political Market Place- Your Thoughts Requested

Donald Trump has done many things, and one of them is to scramble the customer segments for political websites and messaging. As the dust settles after the election, I needed to re-assemble my mental model of the customers of political messages.

When I work with a business owner, a critical component is a map of their customers.  Most owners   work through the exercise  and emerge with a different view of their business.

It is a simple grouping of the groups of customers you want to attract with distinct differences. It serves as a guide to what you offer , how you offer it and to what emotional need they have.

I am going to throw out for your review and comment my rough breakdown of the market for political ideas, messages and news post 2016 election.

Political   Customer Segments

  1. Hard Core Progressives-
    1. Committed to the cause, enmeshed in the writings
  2. Democrat true blues
    1. Loyal to party, part of the apparatus
  3. Social millennials- the Bernie folks
    1. – have all the proper causes , looking for a lifestyle match in politics
  4. Democrat minorities-
    1. looking for news, passive on engagement unless local issue, Reacts t concrete actions, bad or good. Shootings or factory openings mean more than theory and promises.
  5. Democrats with jobs- Public servants, loyal union members, wealthy & upper middle class liberals
    1. comfortable, good pensions, vote their own welfare
  6. Uncertain Hillary Voters- comfortable,
    1. Worried about Trump, did not like Hillary. feeling very at sea. Looking for a place to provide guidance to what will happen. Not unreceptive to good news on the economy , jobs. Wants harmony and grievance engine to stop.
  7. Uncertain Trump voters-
    1. Comfortable , worried about Trump, did not like Hillary more. Want to be reassured it will be okay. Want to follow the news to stay in touch
  8. Trump voters-
    1. Want  Trump to succeed- and will take insults badly. Not loyal to GOP unless GOP delivers Trump’s agenda.
  9. Trump minority voters-
    1. Hoping they will not be betrayed , Anxious to see progress. Does not want negative portrayal.
  10. GOP Minority Voter-non Trump
    1. Fold into Trump minority
  11. GOP true reds –
    1. pragmatist- party is primary, winning next election is key
  12. Conservative purists –
    1. #Nevers and #Nevers in attitude but willing to advise Trump
  13. Off the grid- extremists, crazies and internet warriors.

Assuming you buy into the model, what groups do you propose that we should target with messaging, memes and stories to add to the coalition two  and four years from now?

I recommend concerted effort on Groups 4,6,7 and 9. 

Over to you folks.


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13 Responses to A Political Market Place- Your Thoughts Requested

  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    I am assuming you didn’t see the Megan Kelly bit with the data guy who predicted Trump’s landslide weeks before Comey came on the scene. He was driven by data. He used it to key where to apply money, something Trump was a bit short of. Yet he did a great job in just the right key places to help swing the vote.

    I understand your comment, and perhaps some of us should be using your targets for our interactions. But I feel that right now THE

  2. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    (oops!) most important thing is for Trump to make good on his promises and do a good job. That won’t be easy.

  3. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    No good deed goes unpunished. It is not enough for Trump to deliver, he must deliver with visibility and control of the imagery.

    I have seen GOP administrations get into office and stop campaigning. Fatal error. FDR locked in two generations because he spun lousy policies that did not work into the illusion of success.
    Both Bushes ran successful wars and had the media destroy them. Reagan kept communicating.

    You must do, create the image and then get credit.

    • EThompson says:

      @TKC: I agree but must admit I’m enjoying the fact that Donald is far more focused (and humbled) by the issues he must resolve sooner rather than later.

      The positive economic results I believe he will achieve may give him a momentary respite from spinning unlike BHO who preened and pranced not only as he accomplished nothing but more importantly, may have caused irreparable harm.

      • drlorentzdrlorentz says:

        @EThompson, I hope you’re right regarding positive economic results. But, as TKC notes, it’s not enough to do, one must also sell.

        • EThompson says:

          drlorentz: I think his ego, his knowledge of economic issues and their relation to global activity is unprecedented in a President-elect. He will carry the day!

          Let me emphasize “ego” because this man will not accept failure. :)

  4. TempTime says:

    I think we can all stop worrying about what Trump will do. I think Trump has proven HE can take care of his side of deal — he has proven himself — he won! He understands the importance of image, connecting, optimism, projecting confidence (honestly/humbly).
    I have no doubt he can and will take care of his tasks just fine — now it’s our turn to move forward. That is, take advantage of what is probably a very small window of opportunity to reach out to the ones we can establish a “connection”. There are several people who a month ago could not hear a word I said, and yesterday not only heard every word but wanted to hear and understand more. Winning provides a very special short term advantage; we must capitalize on this advantage now to bring people into the tent. Because like it or not, Trump will do things that may be long term positive but are short term difficult which will erode some of the advantage of having won the race the “world” said it couldn’t be won.
    I think the groups TKC selected are a good place to start making connections, selling, etcetera at the “street” level (that’s us).
    BTW, TKC, looked at the groups you identified above, I did not find mine :-).
    Where’s the “Seriously conservative,yet pragmatic/not crazy, maybe off the grid, Misunderstood Outliers” group?

    • EThompson says:

      Right on Temp Time!

      Trump supporters are not all suffering working class citizens; despite what the MSM would like to think, there are plenty of upper middle class voters who have supported him as well.

      The Donald speaks for all capitalists everywhere. My husband and I voted for him as successful small business owners and I cannot believe that we are alone.

      We’re not that unusual!

      • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

        ET, you describe reliable GOP voters. Unless the GOP goes against economic growth , if Trump is identified as getting the economy rolling, he will move to 99% of those. Just like the working class, it is about wealth through jobs and wealth. The trick is to not mention the wealth part too often.

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      I listed groups that had numbers larger than 10.

  5. EThompson says:

    Here’s the funny thing, TKC; most Americans like to mention the “wealth part” but one has to present it as Trump did so brilliantly and I quote him directly:

    “I’ve won and made all the dollars I could possibly spend. Now it’s time for me to help the rest of Americans to recognize their own potential and do the same.”

    That resonates with everybody.

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