Christians in Israel

I saw a couple of recent stories about Christians in the Holy Land. There was this article about Bethlehem:

Here are my favorite media critics looking at that article:

This article covers the Christian exodus from the West Bank, as seen from the point of view … MORE…

Dollars and Dimes

Our friends at RatBurger have a post up with an utterly captivating video clip from the wayback machine — former Presidents Reagan and Ford, and Her Majesty her own self, discussing commonsense economics.

It is nearly tear-inducing to see these astounding human beings discussing the search for a cup of decaf coffee and the fate of nations as such astoundingly human creatures.  We broke the Soviet Union and freed a billion people.  Gotta have decaf or my heart will trip offline.

Please do see this touching post over at our friend’s site.  You’ll be glad you did.