I am not a constitutional scholar (although I suspect I may know more about it than BHO). So some of the debate that I am hearing is a little over my head.

More particularly, ?just what does “incorporatioin” mean, when referring to the constitution. MY sense is that it means … MORE…


People ask me what I’m for.  You’re so negative they say, you’re always against something.  Happened again today on the teleconference.  What do you support?

I support winning.  I support beating the enemy like a drum, and that requires a moral clarity to see the enemy for what they are, and … MORE…

Rush on FIRE

Who here has Rush memberships? Or heard the show? I would like to talk about this. Especially if you know your Alinsky.

You should be able to read a transcript here:

It’s the first 17 minutes of audio in particular.

Do you recall seeing Obama on magazine covers in … MORE…