We Have A Grant, Not a Meade


The strategy continues.  The administration continues to battle the media strategically by removing their weapons one by one. Press conferences have always been heir battlefields, where they lob artillery and the President ducks and covers.

By using ‘democracy’ and inviting in many more players in the media, the … MORE…

So Much Excitement

?Are you feeling a bit “down”. The administration appears to be regrouping around more traditional positions.

Well, let’s keep in mind it’s only February 13 – all of 3 weeks since Trump took office. During this rather brief period there has been more smoke, more artillery barrages, more screaming (by … MORE…

Life In The 21st

The Red Headed Irish Wisecracker sighed again as she perused her 6Plus.

“Jill is an idiot” she intoned, , exasperation filling the room.

I knew what it was. Facebook. Old High School friends now in the grip of the Zombie Plague of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“She was an idiot in … MORE…