Ode to the Slip Stick AKA Slide Rule

Calculating rule. 1989.0325.07.

Calculating rule. 1989.0325.07. (Click to enlarge)

Reading John Walker’s post made me think of my high school physics class. We were Manly Men then. We didn’t have no sissy electronic calculators. We used our Manly Men yellow plastic slide rules. The Manly Men are the ones without the pocket protectors.

The slide rule was an ingenious invention. Instead of looking up things in tables and then adding up the two numbers and getting the answer you used a sliding stick to do the same thing. You could easily multiply and divide this way.

(Mike, there is no cheerleader in the video. You better skip it. )

I wonder what happened to my old slide rule.

For those who want to try here is a simulator. Only Manly Men please. No whiners.