So the war drums are beating. All across the Potomac the War Party is out with their paint, dancing.

?But should we “respond”. ?If so, how – ie to what degree. Trashing an airbase didn’t seem to make much difference, so ?how many do we have to trash now.

?More … MORE…

Defending the 2nd.

Of late there has been an inundation of marches, speeches, opinions on talking heads TV, and that ever-present skinny twerp who assaults other people’s livelihoods because of disagreement while giving the communist salute. Hordes of kids suddenly are the smartest thing since Einstein, whose perspicacity we should unquestioningly be following. … MORE…

Mark Levin

?Anyone catch Mark Levin’s new Fox Sunday show.

I’ve seen 2 and have been impressed. I saw Walter Williams and Benjamin Netenyahu. Both were informative, interesting, and I thought worth watching.

?Anyone else have thoughts.